Funny Moments - Panda's a Friggin' Genius! - Funny Moments – Panda’s a Friggin’ Genius!

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  1. I was watching this video while eating, and it's a good thing I finished when some random guy appeared because now I can just close the video

  2. Just me or did the intro sound a little like the vanoss ai voice?

  3. 😂 9:25 Evan couldn't unsee a thing, making it more extremely funny as all hell cause I thought a arm and shoulder metal stick first

  4. I bet if they tried on a tablet the Homers would be nightmare fuel🖤

  5. Jack Foxtrot - Electronic Music Studios says:

    Nobody gonna mention how 407 said "your dick in my mouth" instead of "my dick in your mouth"? lmao

  6. The backpack one looks like gluttony from fullmetal alchemist

  7. Ahhhh back when the homer count was in the single digits😏

  8. Video stops at 6:37 for some reason. Must have got wrecked.

  9. 6:50 Careful with that one or you might be their next target in court.

  10. A game panda is actually good at he got the scribblio hacks

  11. Dont know whats scarier, their drawings or the fact panda is the best player in the group

  12. I didn’t know Scotty was Jewish. You learn something new every day.

  13. I love when jiggly laughs and screams 😂😂

  14. man all those newspapers he's been sleeping on came in clutch

  15. Underrated moment is Scott guessing Jesus for Santa

  16. Did anyone notice fourzer0seven say Marijuana cigarettes

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