Funny Moments - Sark's First Game! - Funny Moments – Sark’s First Game!

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  1. 14:03 S O R R Y K I D S , N O T U N T I L Y O U ' R E O L D E R

  2. Vanoss half of the video: H O M S T E R B A T I O N

  3. I seen this vid many times still havent search for docking xD i wanna stay pure!

  4. Jiggly has gone IMPLODING mode when he saw dumbo homer

  5. Had to clear my search history after looking up Docking

  6. Vanoss expecting kids are watching this vid when all of his vids have explicit words lmao

  7. I’ve been laughing throughout this entire video my dog is becoming concerned

  8. At 7:55 this video has predicted the future the bathtub streams

  9. DUMBO
    Staring Homer Simpson
    In theaters April 20 6969

  10. Lol he said they had years of practice drawings Homer's and he meant that literally

  11. These skirbble videos make me laugh more than any other kind lol

  12. sluytrsam,.;o98765esvbhu765red njio965edcbnkiuytfcn,;,m vcfdrtyuijn cdft78yfc

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