Funny Moments - These Sonics Look SICK! - Funny Moments – These Sonics Look SICK!

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  1. “Everything is going to be happy is 2020”

    Yeah… happy…

  2. Terroriser : happy in 2020 😎😄

  3. I haven’t seen sonic in a video since lui and basically had a sonic battle

  4. We have to be happy 2020………….if only they knew

  5. you keep making me snort like brian

  6. 7:59 that sonic said gotta go fast, because it wanted to take speed

  7. the silence till moo drew the sonic got me dying 😂

  8. “Everything is gonna be happy in 2020”
    Yah right

  9. 2018: homer Simpson
    2019: Peter Griffin
    2020: sonic
    2021: maybe Rick and Morty??

  10. I liked the super fast gussing of sonic. Lmao 😂

  11. Terrioser:happy 2020
    2020: Haha little do you know

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