Funny Moments - We Made It to 200 Homers! - Funny Moments – We Made It to 200 Homers!

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  1. I know it's been 3 days since the video and everything but at 4:06 does that nogla looks like a drunken version of Chucky Finister from Rugrats

  2. Something tells me their are already nike meme merch being made

  3. Me just waiting for the 200 Homer to show up

  4. Funny how people still find this homer thing entertaining

  5. Sometimes, when I watch these videos, I feel great about myself to know that I am a 17 yo female who is smarter than Nogla, but the other half of me wants to kill myself because he's successful… Love you Nogla.

  6. Nogla is so bad at this game it actually makes me angry bro lmfao like nobody guesses his obscure ass drawling lol

  7. The homer in the thumbnail looks like the collosal titan from AOT

  8. Whatever gibberish was going on at 9:27 to 9:37 had me rolling on the floor 😭

  9. I like the sound the 204.5th homer made.

  10. I'll be waiting for a compilation of each time a homer was drawn

  11. 3:19
    for revenge Evan should have chosen the word farmer and then draw marcel and put a small stickfigure in the background and then write text that said "get back to work boy"

  12. I laughed so hard at 10:36 that I choked and almost threw up 😂 Good content boys

  13. Wow… You slipped the 200th Homer from the terrorisor!

  14. Im not impressed about how they drew 200 homers, I'm impressed that they even COUNTED all the homers they drew..

  15. Okay but the way I screamed to myself ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP NOGLA!’ Because he kept spoiling almost all of them makes me want to play with them 😂even more!

  16. Given what was drawn at 2:03, and that the word was six letters and ended in r, I was very worried for a moment.

  17. he needs to post the uncensored works somewhere

  18. I love how the 200th homer is getting a blowie

  19. I love how we got all the drawings of Homer over the years in here

  20. Seriously nogla thought no one would get Rapier instead drew someone drugging people as a stand in for rapier

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