Funny Moments - We're HORRIBLE! (Goomba, F U) - Funny Moments – We’re HORRIBLE! (Goomba, F U)

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  1. 198 homers i thought this would be the video for 200 😭

  2. the M40A3 sound effect when Evan cleared his drawing sent me

  3. that "homer" face on Patrick looked more like Lenny lol

  4. Evan Im too high for that ron intro I love it but my god your narrating 😂 beautiful

  5. First they have a show now they're gonna have a resteraunt?! 10 years ago they were playing prop hunt in mw3 I love you guys <3

  6. Can we just say how Terroriser and Nogla immediately knew that it was a priest based on the fact that nogla was being molested lol. Their response was almost immediate.

  7. We gotta have a compilation of every time a Homer was drawn on Vanoss' channel

  8. I gotta Ron to the store and get me some merch

  9. I just know you couldn't wait a ron time to do that intro

  10. I’ve gone through 4 jobs since Vanoss drew his first Homer lmao I love it

  11. I know this man did not just say ron was a restaurant. No it’s a famous nightclub where all the people go to party

  12. 3:53 I swear vanoss and wildcat think the exact same thing

    These two are the definition of
    po – op

  13. Brian’s such a Bigot against priests, its like he’s obsessed

  14. I can't believe he missed the chance to say get them before they're Ron.

  15. ”thanks Lui for helping people design the merch”

    Yellow shorts that say ron*

  16. bro got a shoutout for picking a colour 💀

  17. getting ron pun in every part of the ad was genious

  18. This was one of the better sessions you’ve ever had

  19. bruhh the intro “ron time coming”, “it just took a ron time”😂😂

  20. Vanoss has such a unique and smart way of approaching his words 💀

  21. That guy you said you liked at the end there, the Striker who threw the megaphone up to the fans again –

    He is now 3rd top scorer in ligue 1 for Montepelier 🙂

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