Funny Moments - You Didn't Have a Childhood?! - Funny Moments – You Didn’t Have a Childhood?!

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  1. Awesome Film Sis i rlly appreciate that !!!

  2. When I’m done eating Taco Bell: STOMACH HAS ENTERED THE CHAT

  3. Something exists
    Vannoss:You are now homer

  4. 3:37 of course terroriser guessed the triangles correctly, iykyk

  5. I laughed so hard when vanoss pressed the robot button 😂😂😂😂

  6. Love hearing Marcel laughing. Like Jiggly, it fills me with joy

  7. The robot part gave me a stroke and some abs xd

  8. If you're watching this in January 2021 or whatever month in 2021, you a true Vanoss Gaming fan. Salute!

  9. Wait… in Europe. It’s BBQ. So in America it’s BBC- 😳

  10. Nogla's brain in games

  11. My guess on the first one would have been ditto or sourpatch kid

  12. Im pretty dum… I wouldnt have gotten barbecue…

  13. 4:40 anyone gonna appreciate Brian’s answer to the drawing in the bottom right lol

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