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• Warum Hackst du in Minecraft?
• Weil es spaß macht, ich spiele auch Legit.

• Woher bekommst du deine Alts?
• Entweder von Freunden oder ich benutze Zauberkräfte

• Bist du etwa Geldgeil??
• Nein, ich brauche das Geld, um meinen PC upzugraden 🙂

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• Prozessor: Intel Core i5 7500 3.5GHZ
• Grafikkarte: KFA2 GTX 1060 6GB
• Arbeitsspeicher: 16GB DDR4

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• Aufnahme: nVidia Shadowplay oder OBS
• Verarbeitung und Rendern: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017



  1. Es ist 2019, die Leute geben immer noch Viren

  2. Scanned the file and it's a virus, don't download.

  3. yo someone used this to draw a picture of his dong.

  4. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The title is English
    Why the hell arent you

  5. Das Video sollte heissen: Wie bekomme ich einen Virus

  6. Title:English
    Literally everyone:English
    Person in vid:german

  7. I have not done as I have seen from the video I have seen that there is another video that there are few requirements instead this video is too messed up

  8. Judging by the comments, I wouldnt suggest downloading this unless you want a trojan virus.

  9. Lol so einen hab ich heute getroffen xD Nur dass er einen Ponyhof gezeichnet hat, den wir uns gewünscht haben xD

  10. its a scam it give virus and i know bc it happen on my first pc this my 2

  11. Fellow English hackers want to know how but cant because its not english.

    Bruh u make the title English but not the vid smh.

  12. in the site it has the image in the program filled in but the image that comes out is not filled in

  13. something sketchy about this already…
    the title is English but he speaks German the whole way through,
    and I'm seeing all these comments on people who got given viruses from this instead.
    I'm not gonna download. TwT

  14. dpot dpolwoanload this it is a VIRUS if you dot want a virus like me DONT download this


  15. dpot dpolwoanload this it is a VIRUS if you dot want a virus like me DONT download this


  16. sick man thanks for the virus! :> liked


  17. Virus, good luck with police post ur got reported

  18. So, lets clear up some things, MAYBE it is a virus, but I know that most antiviruses report .jar files, try to scan minecraft mod for example, it will report it. When I will test this on virtual machine I will edit this message.

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