- I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE DREW THAT! (Funny Moments) - – I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE DREW THAT! (Funny Moments)

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We have 60 seconds to draw the word…uh…oh…!
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  1. Ok im a krewfam for almost 4 years now i started to watch itsfunneh on june 14

  2. i don,t like the sound wen lunar draw a dead 1p

  3. The person is dead by eating Gold's barnd food

  4. Is it me but Krew da best and Rainbow can’t draw I mean even when she draws scribbles I cry

  5. Hey Nutella is nice I’ve tasted it it’s chocolate so it’s nice

  6. Draco: I’m practicing my CuRsIvE
    Me: I learned cursive in kinder garden. Yeah I have a weird school.

  7. It’s Nutella not a pages channel💛🧡

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