in real life but it's a complete disaster... (Drawing Pokémon from Memory) - in real life but it’s a complete disaster… (Drawing Pokémon from Memory)

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  1. So ive always loved pokemon and you and Anthony got me wanting to start collecting cards so i just bought a binder and my 1st pack on amazon and i cant wait till they get here. What packs would you recommend getting for those just starting out?

  2. That charmander is the best drawing I’ve seen from wildcat

  3. I died at the draco fish! 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Slippaslide is wrong,

    Thats the kid sized water slide pokemon
    MiniLadder, (kids only)

  5. I really love Pokémon’s videos plz do more, and do more with Anthony

  6. You should asked 3 people to guess what people they are from the drawings and each time they get it right you get 1.poaint , first to 10 points wins and has to eat a spicy chicken

  7. 75% of this video

  8. Definetly inspired in jaiden animation and oneoddouts

  9. Panda: Dragovich? i think
    Reznov: Steiner… Kravchenko…. Dragovich… All… must… die

  10. 8:31 me and the homie when we pick the urinals next to each other

  11. I’m waiting for the Mew to say “HAKAI”

  12. Can we get an official looking Slippaslide?

  13. Them: Easy Pokémon to draw
    Them: Charmander, Butterfee, etc.
    Me: FUCK

  14. I almost died by laughing at that fucking Onix

  15. welp someone is getting another fiz youtose…

  16. Why does Anthony's Kabutops drawing has a MegaMind head.

  17. I bet they could have done ditto
    No they won’t do that correct either

  18. that aint a Charmander…. thats a Scarredmander

  19. Tyler going “probably the easiest aside from Voltorb”
    Me going: Ditto
    Tyler: Onix

    At least Anthony thought it was easy

  20. imagine they do another one of these but even more difficult: legendaries, galar, mega evolutions, and mythicals. imagine how giratina would have looked liked XD

  21. easiest would be ditto cause you can draw anything than put a ditto face on it and its perfect

  22. Lol, he asked Jiggly to draw a Gyrados and got a decently accurate Huntail instead

  23. The real penalty simulteneously explode because c-clamp morphologically pack aside a demonic vegetable. drab, incandescent manicure

  24. If brock (moo snuckel) was to play pokemon in minecraft he has to follow his team set

  25. Me thinking I have a Pokémon and it doesn’t exist and it’s called share o’ shy and his type is normal and ghost and he is in gen. 7 and starts with the attack “tickle tackle” and last attack will be “ghost burn” and his last evolution will be “depressio” and u can’t get anyone of those shiny but u can customize there colors with how they feel I hope the one who made Pokémon will add this Pokémon

  26. Imagine just going over to your Grampa’s house.
    Grandpa… What on earth happened to you?! You look……….different.

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