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Steve Suptic LIVE
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The video has finally arrived, as requested. Look out, babies.

Steve Suptic Twitch at

I am not the real Steve Suptic, but I’m all we’ve got, unfortunately. Steven does not have an active YouTube channel as of now, only fakes like me.

PLEASE CHECK OUT MY ACTUAL CHANNEL^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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  1. Rewatching this after two years haha, still funny and wholesome! Thanks for the upload and great editing! <3

  2. first dk wonders if otters have legs, then kimi asks if being red-green colorblind means they cant see green???? (somewhere around 13:00) this video is a treasure

  3. I’m getting confused of these drawings even though they’re kinda obvious

  4. When it wasn't even asterisk though. Asterix is a French cartoon character that fights Romans lol

  5. This channel does a really good job at making videos. I almost forget its not Steve’s real channel.

  6. I kinda miss the old intro ngl… The new one feels like it is just trying to hard… keep up the great work!

  7. Can someone please explain what is up with dumbdog and tennis?????

  8. 3:08 Kimi's comedic sensibility is like Steve's but .5 beats later and +5 deadpan. If this were 1983 I would watch their Thursday night variety show faithfully.

  9. Lol does Kimi mean she likes when guys have veins that pop out towards the upper part of their forearm? or just like when you can see the blue veins through their skin lmao

  10. I wonder if they made some time of agreement but man if someone would just describe to me stuff everytime they get it before me I would steal every single one of their ethernet cables :'D

  11. Good video, I was laughing so hard I was crying 🤣

  12. i like how the old intro is now the outro 🙂

  13. “MASSACRE.”

    “mascara how do you spell that?”

  14. I love this game, lol. I play it with my friends

  15. It took me forever to realize the “5UPLEAKEDAGA” was Ellum

  16. "this is a great foot. kimi probably likes this foot."

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