is HILARIOUS but none of us can draw - is HILARIOUS but none of us can draw

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5 Irish men and leads to hilarious hijinks that will make your tummy do a laughy
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Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. you should do a whole terraria series with the lads!

  2. This video is just the right amount of Irish

  3. Im here exactly a year later watching instead of writing my essay final

  4. Sean's theme: nerd
    What Sean draws: Spongebob with glasses

  5. Tf my brain why I m feeling so proud to guess before Jack ???

  6. I like how Nogla and Brian knew jimmy neutron cause Vanoss drew it too

  7. It makes me so happy to see him playing with terroriser and nogla

  8. Why is that everyone thinks that two words are one word? This game is grammatically incorrect!

  9. I feel like the title should say "because" and not "but"-

  10. I laughed so hard it annoyed my neighbors

  11. "its an icelandic volcano"
    iceland has more volcanoes than geysers

  12. "mom can we get Homer?"
    "no we have Homer at home"
    *homer at home*: 22:15

  13. 8:47 Nogla knows that shape well, after pulling $100,000 of tinfoil to get one.

  14. Brian sounds so much like Jack or is that just me

  15. i sang west virginia at my spring concert

  16. I neer noticed this cam out on my birthday

  17. Kevin was usually the first to guess RT's drawings. They're either the same person or they just share a single braincell

  18. They are so bad at this its almost maddening

  19. OK Turg is annoying with his same ol drawings

  20. For a second i was about to say "oh he predicted the corona virus" but didn't realize its been actually that long that corona exists

  21. "godbshite"

    dont hit read more-

    i love that lmfaooooo

  22. Drawing about anything: exists
    Homer and the table: allow us to introduce ourselves

  23. Jack and Brian sound very slightly similar to me, but I dont understand how people cant tell them apart, they are not even close for me.

  24. Thank you Jack you have made me forget about my cancer for a little while. 😀

  25. Terrorizer is such an amazing artist. Kevin kept drawing the same thing over and over again XDXDXD

  26. ꨄ︎❦︎sleepy grape❦︎ꨄ︎ says:

    9:01 almost everyone: charizard
    Me: if you would say "Whoah my charizard has evolved into a dragonite!" Then or if not might as well cause, that's a charmelion.

  27. "for feck sake" is a clear quote of Kevin
    "I forgot the haat!"

  28. When all of them were guessing charizard instead of charmeleon my inner pokemon nerd was screaming

  29. "almost heaven, West Virginia….blue whale mountains shenandoah river"~

  30. I've never seen a pink and blue eraser, what the fuck. Ours are white.

  31. 12:10 I love how the guesses were ears (even though it didn't have any), toot, baby and GOBSHITE

    Edit: GODBSHITE*

  32. 21:51 that is how everybody pronounces my last name butt its pronounced "hi-ki-nen" heikkinen is my last name

  33. I can only see a croc holding a butter knife.

  34. What languages do you speak? Irish, English or Table?

  35. Jack by himself: mostly normal

    Jack with the lads: IRISH INTESIFIES

  36. i died when all of them were so confused because they didnt know how to pronounce chameleon

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