Is Pictionary But With MS Paint - Is Pictionary But With MS Paint

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We can’t draw nor do we intend to
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  1. Image Dan playing this with Brian and Nogla and they get Homer he'd be surprised

  2. I thought the thumbnail said "EUID ME" and thouth this was a lifeoverflow video lmao

  3. I have only just realised that the thumbnail says 'end me'. I thought it said 'eiud me'

  4. "Could you imagine the process of unwrapping the toilet every time you had to go" pure gold comment

  5. When Dan said "Morty?" My mind went to Scott the Woz saying "Grouse?"

  6. I was internally screaming when RT didn't get shrek

  7. 5:10 weird, I’ve never seen Hatsune Miku drawn like that 🤔

  8. Mercury
    Planet Arse

  9. While pretty much all of them are funny, the Shrek one is the best because of how fast everyone figured it out .

  10. Can we talk about the beef I am not Rad had against eru. How are you going to vote to kick someone who just drew a perfect rainbow like that

  11. Why do the only two streamers I watch have an English degree?

  12. What’s your favourite planet kids?

    Planet arse

  13. Fun fact:

    Bread in french is pain, and egg in french is oeuf

  14. I love how people being unable to spell showed like half the answers

  15. they're going to go absolutely wild when they find out you can put in your own words now

  16. I play this game with my therapists, so the fact that someone can have actual fun with this astounds me.

  17. As an Australian it makes me angy when I see person say Sidney instead of Sydney

  18. Fun fact, “Sherlock Holmes” and “ketamine addict” have the same number of letters

  19. fun fact: bread in french is literally pain but pronounced pan

  20. The man who played the ACNH theme on his kazoo is going to become the leader of the world

  21. Everyone else's word: egyptian hieroglyphics
    RT's word: Dog

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