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Skribblio keeps bringing out the stupid in all of us.

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Thanks for watching guys!


  1. I can't believe skribbl is back it's the return of the king

  2. The sponsor timer-, i love you much ;-;

  3. This video needs to be longer

    So I can kill more of my brain cells

  4. I couldn't think about a streamer/youtuber who deserves a sponsor more than you. widepeepoHappy

  5. does Nick sing cus that link theme was surprisingly good

  6. Me: Mom can we have Kirby at home? Mom: No we have Kirby at home. Kirby at home: 2:45

  7. me: skip the sponsor

    also me: but the sinf boys deserve the extra money,,,,,, and it’s not like it takes a lot of my time

  8. ive litterly been waiting for 2 years to a sequal to my favorite video on youtube and its finnaly here

  9. We have been waiting for the sequel for too long…

  10. It's these videos why I'm not depressed and I mean it. School was really rough and stressful but your vids honestly kept my sanity up. Thank you 🙏

  11. I open the description and the game I saw was being played was fallout
    Ah yes this drawing guessing game is fallout

  12. why is the game set to Fallout 4 what is happening

  13. Why does this not have more veiws more people need to see this

  14. Only Nick would screw up Sakurai's method of drawing Kirby

  15. Does anyone else get triggered that there is 2 snakes on the staff? Because the symbol medicine is only supposed to have 1 snake around it XD

  16. I'd like to see Cary draw Homer and see if the other will get it

  17. Why does it always sound like Preston is eating

  18. Ah yes my favorite classic children’s rhyme: Old MacDonald had a farm: EEEE AAA SPORTS

  19. Not me actually watching and considering the sponsorship ad you put in. I'm such a simp for this channel

  20. Hey I was wondering what editing software you use. Love the vids btw

  21. Guys, don't you understand that wasn't actually the original kirby. It's that one ditto that imperfectly transforms into things!

  22. Someone gotta make a tally of the times Preston has said "like a man"

  23. When the sound board isn't an accident:

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