[SKRIBBL.IO] Let's play Skribb.io with Macarons!!! [Marie Yono] - nunchuckgames.com

[SKRIBBL.IO] Let’s play Skribb.io with Macarons!!! [Marie Yono]

Marie Yono Vtuber
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Hello Macarons!! 🦄🙌
Join me on July 10th to play together on skribbl.io!! 💪
#vtuber #skribblio #playtogether #yonostream

Don’t hesitate to ask me any question during the live!

Discord server:



Twitter @karohroka

Blanche Fleur (らしゅるる)


  1. So glad to play with you and macarons! Even it was first time to play, extra funny😆

  2. 다들 그림 잘그리는데 나만 못그리나봐
    못그린 그림 재밌게 봐주셔서 다행이었어요.
    정말 재밌었습니다.
    Everyone except me draws very well.
    It was great time to ply with Yono though.
    It was a relief that you enjoyed my poor drawing.
    So funny and I’m Looking forward to your next stream!

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