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  1. Jays character looks like clifford and byzes character looks like max lol

  2. Wtf when he said hey Siri it activated mine lol

  3. when Grizzy was drawing scissors i thought i was gonna die i started wheezing so much that i got nauseous 😂😂💀

  4. dooo says sex sex sex sex pls in the chat

  5. I look over last second and said o that’s Batman. Idk how I got that right

  6. I know it's a year later but I still have never laughed so ficking hard in my life

  7. Dooo: "That's an arm?, THATS A FLIPPER!"
    I diedddd😂

  8. 775k subs. Congrats Grizzy u deserve it! Next is 1mil!

  9. Can't believe BYZE typed "leave the house" at 14:48, mans a future predictoror.

    That's the word of 2018, right there lmao

  11. Is it bad that I thought the "apple pie" was supposed to be "candy ass"?

  12. Ah yes, my favorite topping on a pizza – APPLE

  13. I always laugh so hard at these videos

  14. Wow a game that the doo is actually good at that's impossible.
    Well i like the content man and I know I am late

  15. Damnnnnnnnnnnnn Grizzy, That was a good super man drawing!

  16. watch this video at 0.25x it’s much funnier

  17. i don’t know why this got recommended to me in 2021, but i sure as hell ain’t complaining. im trying so hard not to screech laugh rn

  18. 12:29 I'll remember that next time i'm in maths class. 1 2 3 4 5 6 10

  19. my in 2021 drawing a bruno mars album for the word door

  20. From the creators of :
    "That's a big nose"

    We present to you :
    "That's a big football" [The Sequel to "That's a big nose]

  21. NOT THE HARRY POTTER REFERENCE 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀 ( 16:40 )

  22. “I love how my first thought was to type gary” me legitimately thinking it was Gary and becoming proud of myself-

  23. I died when he drew "scissors"😂😂😂😂😂

  24. anybody thought he saw in first becase he had a crown on his head

  25. The first one with the bat and the human aged very poorly after just 2 years and i'm cackling

  26. “I don’t know how to spell scissors bro”

    -The final phrase I heard before I went to see hitler in hell

  27. We need more of this with the whole gang

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