moments that make you realize you're a big dumb idiot but not as dumb as your friends - moments that make you realize you’re a big dumb idiot but not as dumb as your friends

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  1. not tryna hate or whatever but that guys laugh is annoying, not Kryoz the other guy idk his name

  2. Wasn’t it Larry the cable guy that was the tooth fairy or was another made, but with the Rock?

  3. Is it bad I’ve seen the Adam Sandler tooth fairy but not the one with th rock?

  4. 7:59

    UFO floating on makeshift ladder tower in dustcloud circa 0598 10:38 pm July 9

  5. Why did I search turtle f**king a shoe immediately

  6. Why is it considered pedophilia when a 20 year old guy dates a 16 year old girl but cute when a 20 year old girl dates a 16 year old boy

  7. Ok, can anybody, ANYBODY tell me, why does Kryoz look like Bede from Pokemon sword and shield???

  8. When he said potato i said little potato man in noglas voice

  9. The word "handicap" is a subtle nod to how all of the kryoz group is funny and dumb

  10. John, how Tyne hell did you get ads on this video

  11. “ his arms are like swastika” me: I wonder if there related to life

  12. Kryoz comments are either hit or miss and i love it.

  13. I was scrolling through videos and my cat makes me move my thumb by slapping it with her tiny claws, she hits my phone making it scroll up and she stops it on this video 3

  14. If any of these things that they drew came to life, the first thing they would do was scream.

  15. I watched this when I woke up and I was watching asmr last night and had my volume all the way up so I had Wildcat shout "WHOS TURTLE COCK"

  16. This is the longest video name I've ever seen in my life…

  17. You better get wrapping before you get to tapping

  18. "Monday sucks am i right guys" not fir me 16th November 2020 (monday) is my 14th birthday and im not at school

  19. I started eating in the first minute of the video. 10/10 would recommend

  20. Kryoz predicted the travis scott batman suit over a year ago

  21. "grrr i'm an angry dog…grrr" KILLED ME 😂😂😂

  22. 1996 Toyota Camry LE 4-Speed Automatic 2.2L says:


  23. Jesus fucking christ that southern accent killed me

  24. Kryoz:This is a condom

    Me:That’s a flying saucer

  25. Is Grizzy there or does someone just sound exactly like him

  26. Sorry if the editing is semi sub-par, I've been wanting to change how i edit my videos but not sure what I wanna change yet, also kinda the reason my schedule been DOO DOO

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