moments that make you unsure about reality, and question if its all just a string of code - moments that make you unsure about reality, and question if its all just a string of code

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Me and the squad of gamers (NOT ARTISTS) get together and get scribbling on and had such a good time, and recorded it so you could have a good time with us!

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Other Gamers:
» Matt –
» Anthony –
» SMii7Y –
» Eli –

-» Outro music by Yung Gravy

-» and by bbno$

» Song – BOOMIN

Background music and some sound effects from


  1. I literally was crying because I was laughing so hard listening to panda yell when blurg drew a panda

  2. I mean this good tin listen when drunk

  3. let’s take a second an just think of how fuckin great his music taste is, bbno$ 👌👌👌

  4. One time I was playing skribbl .io and I had to draw the word “dizzy”
    I wrote in letters: “the word is fleas” and a bunch of people typed that, getting it wrong.

    I then sloppily drew a picture of kokichi oma, and wrote “it’s a lie”
    The people in my server didn’t think it was very amusing.

  5. I think we found someone is worse than Nogla in drawing

  6. donatello is purple headband, leo is blue

  7. wait now im confused because at like 11:00 or whatever I also was thinking about ratatouille and I don't know why lmaoo

  8. I forgot you existed and for that I’m gonna subscribe to your cute ass😳

  9. "Imma load up an AR15 with straws" – Blarg followed by "Unless its Franklin, then I'm gonna clap some cheeks" – jiggly.



  11. Zach could get a job doing kids drawings for movies and tv

  12. นศท. เฉลิมชัย ขวัญชัย 1/2 says:

    Somehow watching blarg draws spine has awaken the anger that i've never felt before.

  13. Is this reality or just a string of code?

  14. 4:27 When Smii7y yelled I almost fell off my chair laughing. 😂

  15. The pie at the end looks like a basket ball

  16. The outro song is actually called on god it's wrong in the description ;-;

  17. i love how when smitty said “this is a joke i make all the time” john got it

  18. I love how everyones a fucking mess, and john is just an artist

  19. Reality so fuckin wild it's like it was coded by Yandere dev

  20. Wait wasn’t the blue one Leonardo

  21. "Whaaaaaaat"!!!! im offended panda 2020. Like everyone else🤣

  22. This is the type of editing I strive for, perfection

  23. 5:21
    Oh that’s a nice hummingbird base, let’s see how long he draws the beak

    He makes the smallest beak I’ve ever seen

  24. Crazy how nobody said anything about jiggly guessing zipper bro if people understood that reference he would be forced to make 30 apology videos on YouTube bro lmao

  25. I personally loved your bird, truly a fine masterpiece ✋😄

  26. "hoola hoop"
    My mixed, but still having to live in hawai'i: "Hula…Hula child"

  27. Why does their Homer voice sound like Stitch

  28. The entirety of the “spine” drawing fucking destroyed me

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