moments that make you unsure about reality, and question if its all just a string of code - moments that make you unsure about reality, and question if its all just a string of code

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Me and the squad of gamers (NOT ARTISTS) get together and get scribbling on and had such a good time, and recorded it so you could have a good time with us!

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Other Gamers:
» Matt –
» Anthony –
» SMii7Y –
» Eli –

-» Outro music by Yung Gravy

-» and by bbno$

» Song – BOOMIN

Background music and some sound effects from


  1. Odd comment but do you still play wow and if so how do you feel about the systems?

  2. Title should’ve been new video of blarg drawing shit

  3. Hey, my name's John, I've just started youtube. I'm coming from Tyler's (wildcat) channel and saw the podcast. I found you extremely relate-able, I wanted yo comment because if you like the editing on my channel I would be interested in talking about editing some of your videos. Either way it's nice to have someone new to watch that i feel i can understand and enjoy

  4. Nah like I love this stuff I aspire to make my channel like this style

  5. Matt kinda sounds like Tyler

  6. I’m sorry for this but…


  7. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell says:

    3:57 no wonder they didn't get it, that's Donatello dumbass

  8. I've been watching Kryoz for like a HOT second cause i watch him EVERYTIME i draw, and I just realize I never subscribed 😭

  9. Is it bad that I got "spine" immediately? lol

  10. Ohm and Nogla to me were always what I considered the worst drawers
    but after seeing Blarg's work, he takes that crown.

  11. Well, we all know there's a rat in the Pope's hat that controls all his actions so you weren't that far off John.

  12. every time they say "eli" I feel uncomfortable
    i have the same name

  13. It said smii7y guessed the word before the sound came on

  14. Fukken finally Johnny boy you sexy hunk of man mest, i needes this shit in my life. I've been waiting for this from you for sooooo looong

  15. John: draw Leo with a purple mask
    Me: nooooo Leo has Blue not purple, purple is Donnie

  16. dude, massive bbno$ fan here, actually discovered him because of you, shoutout to that, but you kinda linked the wrong song. the ending is on god not boomin, excellent video btw

  17. okay but that description is wrong.. the outro song isn’t BOOMIN by Yung Gravy.. and i’d like to know what the actual song is

  18. For like 10 minutes I thought this was a smii7y video

  19. Y’all really arguing about which turtle is better to fuck

  20. Kryozz I watch for YOU not your editing!!!!!!!

  21. 3:50 “Leonardo da Vinci”

    proceeds to draw Donatello from tmnt
    lovely work, john

  22. Thank you for being the reason I’m still awake at 2:12 am

  23. 2 and a half minutes in and i’m already wheezing

  24. Blarg needs to get a job as a cartoonist

  25. Seeing Anthony and post this not that long before John is really showing that John is posting faster that usual.

  26. When john puts donatello from tmnt as leonardo da vinci 😰

  27. I have scoliosis, but my back doesn't look like that, Thank God

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