w/ Nux, PotasticP, Noble, Nagzz, Haruka & Wolfychu - w/ Nux, PotasticP, Noble, Nagzz, Haruka & Wolfychu

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  1. I agree with Mel, rooster Noble was best Noble

  2. Lol when she mentioned the hole,Wasn't even be lewd,Just spoke without thinking,"I can fill that for you"I used to fix dry wall as job

  3. Wolfychu!!

    I’m so glad to see her hanging out with you guys again!

  4. WOW!
    It’s so cool how Melody got FIRST PLACE on that final round! And there’s absolutely no empirical evidence to prove otherwise!
    Way to go, Mel. Super proud of you

  5. Mel's BGM has strong ps2 era racing game car selection screen vibes.

  6. I adore Mel but fuck I'd hate to play this with her. Just writing words out, giving verbal clues… It makes me feel like an old man. "That's not how you play pictionary!"

  7. People who didn't guess "Laundry" may have watched too many pron

  8. "Haruka"

    – Drawing the world first, before the subject

  9. LMAO…nagzz the rap….you finish it 😛

  10. It's Goku from the adbriged,
    Having his piret dream,
    And also ninja dream 😂

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