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Another round of art in its purest, stupidest form. – “What It Is?!”

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  1. Hey neebs crew I’ve been going through a lot recently my girlfriend left me I found out one of my best friends and my Father both have cancer but the videos you guys put out really help me get through it all thanks for that I am truly grateful for what you have given me in this time of my life.

    Also twist his dick

  2. That shell looks like if you rip a dude's nut out, throw it on the floor and stomp on it.

    Oh damn I'm fucked up.

  3. I was playin a game once my only clue was "midgets" and the answer was gru from despicable me and I actually got the answer, I mean I was screaming random bullshit for 20 seconds but I got it.

  4. u realize how racist doraleous' avatar is XD

  5. Bloody love these! Saying that, that goes for all you guys' videos.

  6. Hoo-wee! Y’all get sassy when you drunk

  7. That’s not wall e its claptrap from Borderlands two

  8. Simon only special. He draws all the pictures and everyone else guesses PLEASE! lol

  9. I could barely watch Simon try to spell "tooth"

  10. Simon is a national treasure. I laughed soooo hard on this one. I DEMAND you change the name of the channel to Simon and them other dudes. ROFL

  11. Upon watching these over I've noticed Simon loves putting the letter E in places it shouldn't be lole

  12. I was named after Zorro. My name is Diego. My mom thought the black and white show zorro was hot lol

  13. After watching Simons screen I now see why he is always last.

  14. Pretty sure you guys need to do a Zorror animation lmao bum leg and all

  15. I love coming back and watching these, please do more because you guys talking about the drawings is always hilarious!

  16. fuck appsro with a discarded toothbrush. that was a fantastic rendition of wall-e. good on ya thick!

  17. I came here after watching their golf-it video. Took a few minutes to adjust to neebs winning

  18. Thick drew Claptrap instead of Wall-E, lololol!!!

  19. Turn this into a drinking game. Last to guess drinks.

  20. Simon. You are my spirit animal with the spelling/typing. You’re not alone brother.

  21. Really funny episode, especially with Doraleous kicking himself out.

  22. If any of you wants a pen pal to work on spelling I'll be your huckleberry

  23. I thought Wall-E was a toilet and the "wheel" at the bottom was the toilet paper. Lol.

  24. You guys should do some mad libs, that would be funny.

  25. So happy I found one of these that I haven't watched yet !

  26. Love these videos. I haven’t played any video games since I was a teenager, and I’m 31 now but love all ‘neebsgaming’ videos. Skribbl is in my top 3 series.

  27. I just realized, Dora gave his snail legs… Legs!!?

  28. "Bless your heart, Doraleous" best moment ever lol

  29. Zorror uses a sword AND fear to take down bad guys

  30. I'm disappointed we didn't get to see Simon draw a six pack.

  31. Thick's WALL-E looked more like Clap Trap from borderlands XD

  32. Poor Doraleous. My mouse does that to me too.

  33. I guessed Wall-E correct as soon as I saw the hyphen. Ill take my trophy now.

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