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Another round of because its fun. 7 rounds this time.

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  1. lily pad. one 'l,' two words. The game does have it wrong. Whatever.

  2. You guys need to do a reunion on this

  3. mont blanc is also a dessert and a mountain in europe

  4. Apparently my cat likes watching you guys play this. Lol. 1st time ive seen him watch the tv for minutes at a time.

  5. Dora saying gold coast made my day haha 😂😂

  6. Hey Thick44. Lily Pad only has one L and it’s two words. Get your shit together. Hey Simon, you should put this in the next commenting on comments.

  7. "What's wrong with my…fuck!" That's what he said.

  8. Had to look it up. Best part Neebs didn’t know what Mont Blanc was but still drew they correct thing for it XDD

  9. I came here for a Dan Quayle potato joke, but I fear I may be old. :o. Not one in sight!

  10. floppy dic. how can you be that bad

  11. I get irrationally mad when they use any letters, like z for sleep or s for money XD

  12. Love this! And btw, there's a pencil, an eraser, and a fill bucket in between the colors and the size buttons. Use the fill bucket to …fill…the whole screen or anything inside a closed area.

  13. That's how I remembered how to spell champagne when I was young.

  14. I miss you guys playing this! … please do another skribbl io video 🙂 Keyboard shortcut Pro tip, b for brush & e for eraser..

  15. I honestly got Picasso as soon as he drew the eyes🤣

  16. Could we get some more of these videos?

  17. I keep constantly get convinced that neeb acting as noob is 100% him. He's actually that stupid

  18. Love the fact that none of them knew what Mont blanc was. Also not sure how you're supposed to draw Mont blanc because it's a brand name for a number of standard objects, and their logo looks like a screw driver head. So how tf is anyone supposed to guess it.

  19. lol golden op for using the speghette monster in the sky for god haha great vid tho

  20. Keep in mind the old VW Bugs you used to fill the gas tank from under the hood (i.e. frunk).

  21. Doraleous – Thick you're all caps buddy

    Thick – NYEH im yelling it!

    Gave me a good giggle

  22. My last name is Champagne those first few minutes killed me

  23. Surprisingly, Neebs was pretty spot on with his Mont Blanc picture, LoL

  24. Some of my favorite Thick44 moments in this one❤LLWK

  25. The fact neebs doesn't call this skribblio,, I feel cheated

  26. Simon keeps goving Canadian/french energy. We love extra vowels and silent e. And u a lot.

  27. My god.. thick drawing the tumor on the guys damn head.. I never felt so bad for laughing 😞

  28. First 2 minutes neebs cheated with Spell-Check! lololol

  29. Yelling Yoshi at the screen while my roommate looks at me like I'm crazy…..

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