with the GIRLS all POV ft. Valkyrae, Pokimane, xChocoBars, QuarterJade, Celine, and more - with the GIRLS all POV ft. Valkyrae, Pokimane, xChocoBars, QuarterJade, Celine, and more

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  1. I feel Rae an Jodi… I know the Word but I ain't a fast typer and I'm soo bad at speling😔🥰

  2. The number of times Celine said "….dude" and Poki said "Actually tho…" lmfao

  3. jodi’s slow smile as she starts drawing blood all over bambi’s mother..

  4. 15:44 “this bitch said that’s all I got” poki is so funny 😂😹

  5. What was the thing coming out of the mouth? An accordion doesn’t go in your mouth lol

  6. Rae draws Open House as supermarket
    Poki: where are thr fruits?
    Rae: inside 😂😂

  7. Rae is me…I am Rae when I play this game lmao

  8. Does Rae really thing you play an accordion with your tongue?

  9. can someone tell me who the person is on the far-est right next to jodi?

  10. Rae: drawing
    Others: I'm scared what is happening

  11. I knew the second one was Canada as soon as she finished the brown leaf lol

  12. Rae’s supermarket drawing was really cute tho

  13. jodi: broccolo
    syd: broccoliu
    rae: brocculilii

  14. Rae’s hoodie is so cute but I can’t find it anywhere 😭

  15. Sometimes I think Rae is just a dumbass on a regular basis 😐

  16. Supermarket was very obvious 🤣🤣🤣

  17. "Supermarket"
    Poki: Where are the fruits and vegetables? 👏
    Rae: They're inside the building!

    Also.. Celine is very pretty never seen her before but she is adorable, all of them ❤

  18. is jodi an individual streamer?? like she doesnt have a team like 100 thieves or otv??

  19. Sydney drawing lily
    Celine: maybe add glasses? Maybe add a dog? Maybe add a puppy?
    Rae: maybe a taser?

  20. I read the title as "Sykkuno with the girls" and i was so confused when there was no Sykkuno in the video lmaoo I'm stupid

  21. I have returned from the future. And someone is requested for a ALL GIRLS GARTIC PHONE GAME

  22. this is the most entertaining video I've watched in a long time

  23. It’s felines POV everybody else just has their face cam

  24. Poki is from canada how did she get second last xD

  25. pls tell Lilly to use her real voice. Noone likes an UwU girl

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