Skribblio But We CAN'T DRAW FT. Kruzadar, Tuxy, Droid & More! -

Skribblio But We CAN’T DRAW FT. Kruzadar, Tuxy, Droid & More!

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Skribbleio can be fun until your friends start roasting you for being a terrible drawer. Hope you all enjoy us getting roasted!
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  1. Never uploaded Skribblio before, so I hope y'all enjoy <3

  2. What are the fucking chances I was playing this earlier

  3. these are worse than courtney's drawings and i didnt think this was possible 🙂

  4. “y’all gotta hit me up and let me know i gotta use braincells” me @ anyone bc im very stupid all the time

  5. Yo this actually made my day.

    Got sick at work so now I'm quarantined and upset but, this really made me happy.

  6. TBH that was an awesome drawing of Eve from Droid

  7. Rectrixx? Tuxy? Droid? Kruz? Scribblio? Hell yeah

  8. Raf was lying about you being tall KEKW

  9. is the website down? it wont work for me no more

  10. i cant draw and i cant spell….id be great at this game

  11. As soon as I saw the thumbnail and I knew it was from Jo I was like oh this is gonna be a banger video

  12. Man, eating during the first minute of the video was a mistake

  13. oh boy, a Rectrixx video!! my day has been made..

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