Skribblio - How did you guess THAT?! -

Skribblio – How did you guess THAT?!

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  1. Please please please play more of this. And maybe bring in some other people to play like tome and harrybarryharry

  2. Are Turps and I mustache siblings? I tip my pink hat to you, good sir

  3. I wish I could "Join" and give them boiks some cash, but I'm too afraid I'll forget to cancel

  4. These are fun. The mechanic of "here's a word, draw it for the rest to guess" allows for a lot of freedom, giving the Hats a chance to be real assholes to each other. Turps was on-point this round too.

  5. Just wondering if you guys could do a members video of a typical Craig edit. It would be interesting to see the work involved 👍

  6. This was so much fun to watch. I really enjoyed it.

  7. Here we see again Hat Films imitating Tom's channel. Now they too confused baseball and basketball

  8. was just playing this on twitch with owlicats, fuck i'm drunk xD

  9. Didn't know Trott was a maiden fan, or is he a scene girl?

  10. The fucking basketball thing, my fucking god that was funny.

  11. Turns out Smith is the most illiterate of the 3.

  12. I loved this one with turps. 😂😂😂

  13. Do they not realise they can count the fucking letters at the top…

  14. Love the Maiden top trott old school live band good stuff

  15. ironically rug was the only one i got before them

  16. Turns out Americans don't put an o in moustache

  17. OMG…Turps laughing about the panpipes had me dying!!! LOLOL

  18. "social justice cucks" I like Turps more now

  19. K i'm just done with seeing political shit on this channel. Unsubbed

  20. 'heroin and cocaine' thought he was going for speedball

  21. U guys should play draw something it's like Skribblio

  22. “I tried to keep it looking phallic for as long as I could.” That’s the name of the game there Turps XD

  23. moustache is the correct way of spelling things in 90% of the english speaking world even certain parts of the USA, but in pretty much just the USA they use mustache becuase they like to pretend they have their own language

  24. Damn… Been on an old binge watch and I see Turps having fun. I miss them man.

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