Skribblio moments that make a breakthrough archaeological discovery... *SHOCKING* -

Skribblio moments that make a breakthrough archaeological discovery… *SHOCKING*

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  1. Wildcat and Jiggly must want to stay monetized because Brian’s video has the BEST drawing by Sark still in the video 😂😂😂

  2. I didn't know Papa Sark would be in this and it's the best surpise

  3. Wish this sesions necer ended

  4. Sark “wait it’s all homer” everyone else “always has been”

  5. Tyler has confused archeology and palaeontology

  6. we know vanoss loves always drawing homers for he's life but he's logo nope

  7. “Its all homer?” “Always has been”

  8. Wildcat missed the opportunity to draw homer jones for archaeologists

  9. try and get seananners to play this with you guys

  10. This episode was funny as fuck. I was dying the entire time

  11. people say Vanoss doesn't rage, but have you ever seen an angry Sark?

  12. "Why is there a computer?" Linus builds a gaming setup in his bathroom

  13. anthony’s laugh is saving me from losing it all

  14. Jiggly : "im doing that later"
    Me : shoot im doing it right now!

  15. It annoys me he made a paleontologist when given the word archeologist.

  16. Omg, wow. XD
    Amazing Overall Gameplay..!! 😀 ;3 ^-^


  18. Archeologist's are grave diggers with a phD

  19. Archaeologists don’t dig up dinosaur bones lol

  20. I need Sark and Legion together in a Skriblli.o video. We’d all be crying of laughter 😂

  21. Tyler, Archaeologist is digging up human relics from the past. What you drew is Paleontologist

  22. I find it funny how no one noticed he used a dinosaur fossil for an archeologist 🤣. For those who don’t know archeologists dig for ancient human culture remains, dinosaurs are paleontologists.

  23. They need to bring this game back, it's one of the funniest games they ever played.

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