Skribblio - The Art of Misdirection! -

Skribblio – The Art of Misdirection!

Hat Films
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  1. Smith you're a bit too proud of your slug eating days

  2. Are English people just naturally bad at spelling? Like wtf is this

  3. Lydia softly yelling "oh nooooooo" during the forest fire was the best part

  4. I was so about to unsubscribe if it was a 911 thing used to describe!!!

  5. This is an oddly cohesive group. Should do more if possible!

  6. How does she not know what the french flag looks like? France is like, the closest country to them.

  7. I tried to draw something with my drawing pad but it came out jumpy

  8. I AM a student and I AM watching this at 3am so what?

  9. Thank you Skribblio, for highlighting how illiterate I am.

  10. I would like to just briefly put into perspective just how often Hat films, especially Smith, seem to have sorta near-death experiences

  11. What a coincidence that I watch this while sitting in a hotel in Las Vegas

  12. Meme game off point with that Robbie Rotten thing.

  13. Lydia would make a great 4th member of Hat Films. HALT Films, maybe?

  14. Ripping my dick when they dont read the letters at the top.
    Manicure or snail for instance

    Cmon boiks (and boikette)

  15. This series is hilarious! Also Lydia's gorgeous!

  16. Harry that wasn’t very funny. That’s like drawing Jewish people dead in a mass grave. Not really something to joke about

  17. If smith keeps telling that slug story, we're going to get a madcat compilation of it soon enough. XD

  18. Smith would have won if he got 0 points on that last one anyways lol

  19. Man the Holiday and FOIL bits were absolutely great. That misdirection was awesome, and Smith rolling with it was hilarious.
    And Trott just being an asshole to B-/Harry at the end. This was a good'un.

  20. Wow. Takes me back to when every troll wannabe turned american populated, draw based chat rooms into explosions of rage by drawing the twin towers scene instead.

    And that forest fire? I was convinced it was carpet burn for so long

  21. Can we get another series (like Shatblock) in any game with HarryBarryHarryBarry please. Thanks Rock xoxo

  22. Las Vegas? I couldn't figure out why a dalek was attacking a stripper while someone's missing codpiece was in the foreground. It's kinda Salvador Dali actually.
    And 'Carrot Fire' is now the name of my all vegan Nickelback cover band.
    The croissant was very 'Georgia O'keeffe'.

  23. This meta will becomes this planet's dominant species within our lifetime.

  24. "I actually almost got killed when I didn't have a hard hat on when we were building our house. It really sucked."
    Babi Smith on Grand Designs somewhere? LOOK. IT. UP!

    Probably not., but you never know!

    No! It never happened… but maybe…

  25. That whole session was brilliant. Who knew four men screaming condescendingly at the one female could make a man so hard.

  26. Holy crap I got through 11 minutes of this without realising there were underscores at the top to show how long the word(s) was 😂😂😂

  27. i fuckin love the slug story its still funny every time lmaoo

  28. Why does Lydias drawing look so smooth. It looks like a robots doing it

  29. Is that a force staff at the back of Smith's room? Cool stuff

  30. I love the way they all blame Lydia for drawing the French flag wrong when really they were just too stupid to guess what it was. That Eiffel Tower was impeccable.

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