SKRIBBLIO - The Good, The Bad and The Homer -

SKRIBBLIO – The Good, The Bad and The Homer

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  1. I just got out of surgery for appendicitis and it quite literally hurts to laugh at this

  2. Bro you know 2020 made you lose brain cells if you can't remember racoons or jack sparrow

  3. you guys should do a list with only pokemon GEN 1-8

  4. 3;25 am and these videos cure my big sad n bored

  5. More Sark like the golden days! Though he was quiet most of this video. I missed him. Glad to see he’s still on good terms with everyone 🙂

  6. Anthony is so funny when he laughs, makes me enjoy his vids so much more.

  7. My question is….how would the makers of the Simpsons react to these?

  8. Skribblio means the return of the Homers in every video.

  9. I see sark has lost half his brain what a dumbass

  10. Anybody going insane and getting free wifi for no reason yet?

  11. The fact that Raccoon is actually being spelt correctly by Sark and someone must've typed it in wrong for the game-

  12. Can we all appreciate that the homer bit has been going on for almost two years now? I honestly don't want it to end lol.

  13. 13:01 top notch impression of nogla, right down to the 3 iq play of TALKING

  14. WHEEZE The Hagrid bit with Jiggles and Terriorser absolutely had me in tears 😂😂🤣😂

  15. That has got to be the worst Homer I've ever seen.
    But I have seen it.

  16. I did not know Homer was a show until your guys' skribblio video

  17. 15 mins of bullying sark for sucking at scribblio

  18. Now, all I know what to do during skribblio is DRAW HOMER

  19. I looked at the thumbnail.
    Shouldn't it be "the good, the homer, and the homer"?

  20. I didn't know you listen to the gorillaz my favorite song is pac man latest one

  21. "It's spelled wrong"…2 minutes later "At least this one is spelled right"….uh boys it can be spelled either way…

  22. I stopped breathing because I was just crying laughing at Hargid and "you're illiterate, Harry"

  23. I’m here for the laugh ❤️💖😂

  24. I'm scared to watch the videos because of the sponsorships

    I got PTSD from every Youtuber being sponsored by Raid…

    I can still here it now…

  25. Kinda sad that when they were talking about Disney princesses, no one said the line "Let it D'oh"

  26. The Harry Potter part was hilarious 🤣

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