Skribblio w/ Hafu Lobbies and Steve's Demon Drawings -

Skribblio w/ Hafu Lobbies and Steve’s Demon Drawings

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Drawing stuff is never boring w/ the crew 🙂
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Hey, I’m Hafu! I’m a 5x legend Hearthstone player, finishing at rank #7 during season 3 and peaking at rank #2. Lately I’ve been playing Valorant/Among Us and I’m really enjoying it!
Maestro Tlakaelel – Jesse Gallagher
Outro – IX – Aihara Enju
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  1. Dum dog's " arangatangueeee" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. I feel like if steve drew something in a bit better quality (resolutionwise), I'd be willing to pay for it, even if I didn't know who he was

  3. 16:38 I love how 5up said “hafu’s a bit tired today” and the word hafu picked is literally “Tired” 😂🤣

  4. 25:16 idk why but these little off comments are so funny to me . Koji not knowing the american phrase “ a lick of sense” 😂

  5. Janet : * inhales * NOSE RING NOSEEEE RINGGGG

  6. Getting “nothing” in one shot at the second last round was CLUTCH!

  7. I love how chill this video was, got me ready for bed

  8. Step one: play game with Steve
    Step two: put “Steve” in title
    Step three: profit

  9. DumbDog is either left-handed or doesn't know how to set a table 4:48

  10. Great upload. Can we get like 5 more of these today? Lol

  11. I'm so happy that you retired from Among Us, the lobby is so much fun without you.

  12. "Is this just not a cupcake-"
    "Yeah, what's on the cupcake dipshit."
    this interaction is amazing

  13. 12:58
    POV: you are in Steve’s stream. You see him click razor blade, and you see him draw this beautiful creature

    What do you do?

    You look at chat to see everyone and their mother screaming “STOP” and “NO” because we all assume he was drawing a s***ide

  14. Can someone please tell me where to find the pen in salsa clip I need to see it but I can't find it anywhere 😭

  15. At 29:40 Janet’s points are exactly seven times that of Komi, How on earth did Hafu do that math so quickly, I’m shocked

  16. Have they play skribblio teams? I would love to see them rate each other and work together to draw.

  17. day 111 of telling Ed, Hafu’s editor, the daily uploads are appreciated

  18. Steve guessing "penisuela" at 4:30 his guesses are as cursed as his drawings

  19. Nobody gonna mention how Hafu passed up Robbie Rotten?!

  20. The confidence 5up had when he said "It's a hamsterdam"…

  21. Day 23 of believing in tomatoes more than anything else in this world!

  22. What’s on the cupcake, dipshit?

    Got a similar vibe to what Lamar calls Franklin at the end of his roast.

  23. 29:07 I’m from New York and I just call them black and white cookies lol

  24. it brings me so much joy that whenever it's a 6 letter word DumbDog immediately guesses "tennis" and when it's 4 he guesses "ball" 🙂

  25. Hamsterdam, almost as bad as Michael Jackson, almost

  26. The letter Y is a piece of shit, the letter isnt the issue, its the fact that in English: Its a consonant
    in many other languages like norwegian, Y is a vowel 100% of the time

  27. Hafu had the prompt tired, and 5up said "Hafu's a little bit tired today".. 5up somehow knew the prompt before hafu even drew anything

  28. I once played a game of Skribblio with people from the US, Canada, England, Scotland, Germany, and Sweden. The challenge is actually in the regional differences.

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