Skribblio w/ The Crew - I Don't Know What This Is But I'm Drawing It -

Skribblio w/ The Crew – I Don’t Know What This Is But I’m Drawing It

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OMG this Town of Salem update looks weird! OMG you cut off the beginning of your intro! There I said it for you. Get creative nerds.


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  1. Would've preferred Quetzalcoatl.

  2. What's the song in the background? I think I recognize it from somewhere.

  3. Wow the new town of Salem update looks so different

  4. This was so much more entertaining than Town of Salem

  5. You should keep uploading, and the crew should keep playing more funny games

  6. Wow an actual funny video from the crew. It’s been a while. Thanks shadow <3

  7. I'll take a banger Skribblio video with a side of big wins

  8. How does this have less than 10,000 likes, shadow is god. Whoops didn't mean to offend anybody. Gods aren't real.

  9. I don't need to get creative Shadow. You're the one that caused Side to draw a horrible blow job picture.

    This was fun though, it was nice to hear you full on enjoy yourself instead of getting triggered by other people's stupidity.

  10. This may be a dumb question
    When shadow got Italy, did he actually put an image there, like copy pasted it? Can you do that in

  11. Shadow laughed, Side giggled, G and Speedy droppin fat whaaaa's…. this is a great crew video

  12. lol does side realise 'Zealand' isnt a country!?!

  13. Wish I could hit that like button more than once. I'd probably do it like 2 times.

  14. Shadow uploaded something else than ToS?

  15. first word comes up as an Australian, I'm offended

  16. g18 "well" at 1:00 so funny to me well we lost lol is that i would of thought

  17. That ending lmao 🤣😂 and Sandusky 😂 that’s funny

  18. I'm a little disappointed you didn't edit over ToS soundtrack over the video. But I loved it!
    I haven't been subbed for very long, but I've been binge watching your ToS stuff for about a week. I haven't even really considered how your commentary would feel like over other games. I'm excited for whatever you decide to post, man!

  19. Please play more tricky towers with your homies! I like these kinds of videos with chill music instead of toxic tos 😀

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