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SKRIBBLIO WITH FRIENDS! Today I’m finally back with some old friends for some more skribblio! The video has a lot of cuts between a lot of rounds and is mostly highlights (because some drawings were not family friendly!). I hope you enjoy the video!





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Kevin MacLeod
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If you read this far, say ‘SHE HAS OTHER FRIENDS?’ in your comment 😉


  1. Title: with friends
    Me: don’t you mean the Salt Squad
    Video: not Salt Squad
    Me: ShE hAs OtHeR fRiEnDs!?!

  2. 8:24
    “This was a very important part in my life I got a pet”
    “Don’t touch it!!”
    I’m crying 😂😂😂😂

  3. Glad to see you filming with some old familiar faces!!! Loved this video 🙂

  4. woah wait you're friends with Ze, Chilled and them? :0

  5. Hey beautiful person scrolling in the comments.

  6. Just wanted to let you know!!!!! I am very sick, and seeing you post made me smile. You have helped me feel much better!!! :3

  7. Finally, she's playing with an Australian!
    Please play with my country-sharing human more often.

  8. 'SHE HAS OTHER FRIENDS?' in your comment 😉

    I love them such childhood🥴 loved it when they played lbp tho😊

  10. I was confused for a sec like wait what did the salt squad change their igns but then i looked at the title again and was like ohhhh k

  11. 7678 view 105 comment love you late wasn't here xoxo your biggest fan and fear Lauren Pie ☺ WI 9 years old

  12. Dude. I love these people. Can we have more vids with them pleeeease

  13. Even if it wasn't in the description, I'd still say, SHe hAs OthER FRIENDS!?!?

  14. Waittttttt…. She has other friends….Other than salt squad?

  15. Shelby!!! i don't know if you'll re-edit this but there is a bad word that wasn't edited out at time 8:12 in this video


    Edit: they call her Shubble 😂😂😂

  17. i clicked on this really excited for the saltsquad vid and was left very confused who are these people

  18. Been a long time since chilled and ze been on shubble channel

  19. It's been ages since these guys have been in a video! I MISS THEM

  20. The fact that these guys are new people for a lot of your viewers now made me realize how fast time passes on YouTube. It says a lot about how much your channel is growing though, which is always great.

  21. No way Shelby is playing with Ze and Chilled?!! Greatest crossover ever. Literally my childhood in one vid.

  22. Wait you know chilled??? I'm so happy right now


    i HaVe BeEn BlEeSeD

  24. Its always different when they call You Shubble instead of Shelby 😂

  25. Was it just me or did anyone else get a notification after the last drawing right when said that notification was the theme

  26. Hudson the yellow Labrador retriever says:

    “Timmy is beautiful and he’s mad!”

  27. I find it hilarious (for some reason) that they call her shubble instead of shelby

    Also, being subscribed to both chilled and ze, if they have her do more content with them, I'm not sure she'd b able to post most of it…. 😂

  28. Ze's link isn't working for me. Anyone else or is it my wifi

  29. Nice I luv watching ze’s and chilleds videos! I was so happy when I saw their pictures in the thumbnail! The derp crew are one of my favorite group of people!

  30. I’m surprised. I suspected you had other friends(at least I hoped so) and I’m very astounded that these guys don’t bully you like the salt squad and Max and Ross do.

  31. still cannot believe you did a video with like chilled ze and john woah.

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