Skribblio with the Boys -

Skribblio with the Boys

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My friends and I show off our expert drawing skills in


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  1. 25 year old: hey mom can i watch this youtube video?
    Mom: no

  2. Ru fucking kidding me? 25< even a 11 year old knows what everything means xd

  3. this game got my laptop confiscated at school

  4. EVERYONE IS TALKING OVER EACHOTHER I CANT HEAR A DAMN THING!!! nah just kidding i still dont like it but this isnt a hate comment

  5. I'm 24 and a half. Still gonna watch this 😎😎😎

  6. Can’t you do one without swearing for the kids and NOT worthless crying babies who wanted to watch someone write and draw and make fun of them? That’s not me. That’s the babies.

  7. I’m over 25 I’m 700000000000000000 Years old

  8. This is the only situation in Simi is the best at drawing

  9. Wait, what about if their parents are under the age of 25? I heard the the youngest grandmother has 16 years old: she had a child while she was 8, and her child had one while she was 8.

  10. why was the apple seed cencored (sorry cant spell.)

  11. I'm twelve and I still watched this

    It was a mistake

  12. Raise your hand if you under 25…..all 85,189 of you are under 25

  13. Ah the good old days before the sonic movie was announced

  14. xD lol I never expected tamago would actually upload something I suggested! OWO thank you so much! Im Akari BTW ahhh im so happy. Edit: I haven't played it in a while but I don't remember so many people swearing xD

  15. i'm so glad i just found this video today now that i'm 25. i can actually watch it.

  16. In the first drawing somebody actually wrote down the n word

  17. Haha that epic moment when your brother is 18 and is watching with you and sees the disclaimer and texts your mom to ask if we can watch

  18. Tamago: Warnings
    My 15 years old ass: nah i‘m fine

  19. I thought you were gonna say 18, but ig being 19 isn’t allowed either😔

  20. "Here's Johnny __________"
    If you watched the video and are under 25 or over 25 you might know this

  21. I’m probably one of the few people over 25 who watched this

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