Stardew Valley was a Mistake -

Stardew Valley was a Mistake

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Today we’re playing, but with only words from Stardew Valley! Is it going to go smoothly, or will Stardew Valley be too much for us to handle?

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look at this funny video it’s my favorite


  1. I didn’t understand the wolverine reference so I thought he was just yassifying the fishAudibly called the mutant carp a queen

  2. Oh I already know this is gonna be so fucking chaotic

  3. Though all of you demonstrated entertaining drawing skills, "Rock Crab" was the best!

  4. I love how this entire video is just everybody not knowing how to spell stuff and being bad at drawing

  5. Your 100 days video got 1M views….so thats cool

  6. This entire video just had me in tears. The Dwarf drawing was the cherry on top of it all

  7. This was great. You guys are all hilarious. 😂

  8. This was so much fun! I'd love to see more of this!

  9. this is so funny, i gotta do this with my friends

  10. My favorite part was when Therm drew Therm.

    My least favorite part was when not everyone recognized Therm.

  11. This was so fun to watch!! I'm excited to hear the poems too XD congrats on the win Therm!

  12. i actually had a asthma attack because i was laughing so hard

  13. Blade be like "what's that guy's name?"
    absolutely got me 😂😂😂

  14. It's interesting to see how many male Stardew players don't know who some of the NPCs are, because they actually don't seem to focus on bonding with the villagers at all lol 😅

  15. Amazing video as always and also I just got your merch and I'm in love 💪😤

  16. This was hilarious hahahhaa my sides were hurting from laughing ahhahahha I laughed real hard at the dwarf and the pink cake

  17. This video was HILARIOUS, please do this again!!

  18. i remember watching this live it was freaking hilarious pls do more of this

  19. I demand half of all royalties for the use of my drawing in the thumbnail.

  20. I've just discovered your channel today and I loved every video I've seen

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