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We put our true artistic abilities to the ultimate test in a…

Ten Round Showdown! – SKRIBBL.io

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  1. It's so weird but this has like the 5th tumor reference I've noticed in old videos since I heard about thick! 15:25 ish

  2. Woah, thick drew a tumor, and ended up having a tumor

  3. 14:20 The fact that Thick had this word is both amazing, and didn't age very well.

  4. It’s weird that Thick had a brain tumor where he drew that brain tumor on that drawing. 🤔 love you guys, stay strong thick.

  5. Creepy that Thick is drawing a brain tumor :O Like wth…? He subconsciounsly knew???

  6. How ironic is life? The word Thick44 chooses, the word tumor then he draws a person with a brain tumor. Then two years later he developed a brain tumor. Wow…

  7. Watching this after knowing thick had one in his head the tumor part was hilarious

  8. I like how they all guess tumour but Thick has one. Also during the ARK play through Needs asks, multiple times, "is there something wrong with your brain?" To Thick and as it turns out; there was

  9. Holy crap! Thick picked tumor, and in his drawing, drew one on his stick-figure's head!

  10. Dang I just saw Thick do the tumor one and it kind of freaked me out given his current situation. Almost predictive there.

  11. The fact that thick got the word “tumor” and then drew a brain tumor was some pretty epic foreshadowing

  12. Thick drawing a tumor on the head gives me the chills…

  13. I find it extremely weird that Thick drew a tumor on a guys heads when come to find out 3 years later Thick in fact had a tumor on his brain. I hope the recovery and every is going good Thick.

  14. I come from the future, Thick44 choosing tumor is a sign. Go get checked out buddy.

  15. That moment when you realize that a 3 year old video foreshadows Thick's brain tumor

  16. Ah foreshadowing. You are a cruel mistress

  17. Rewatching this 2 years later after Thick found out he had a brain tumor. It’s like foreshadowing.

  18. I'm sorry, but it's a little ironic that thick drew a tumor on someone's head.

  19. Wow…rewatching this randomly after thick had his tumor. Crazy coincidence that thick was the one that drew the tumor picture

  20. Thick being the one to draw Tumor is probably one of the most ironic things I have ever seen.

  21. Rewatching this and I realized that thick drew a brain tumor almost like he predicted it

  22. Rewatching this in 2021. The irony of Thick having to draw "tumor" is wild. Glad you're good man! Keep up the great videos guys.

  23. Thick is drawing a tumor on the left side of the head im a little creeped out that it looks like a prediction

  24. A lot of newer comments are putting the same thing I was going to say, Thick drawing his head tumor is creepy af!

  25. I lost it at the Scooby Doo part, I thought it was a kangaroo myself…

  26. man thick. that tumor part of the video either did or did not date well did it?

  27. It's ironic that Thick draws the tumor on the side of the characters head, when years later he finds out he has a brain tumor..

  28. that was a pry bar, not that it ould have made a difference

  29. Thick drawing the brain tumor didn't age well 😓

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