That Is Not a Potato! || Skribblio #2 -

That Is Not a Potato! || Skribblio #2

Zach / Chraazy
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Chraazy Recordings, Season 2 Episode 6

That Is Not a Potato! || Skribblio #2

Friends in this video:
Flippy: ​
Lux 99:
Outside Lane Guy: ​
Theatre Kid Madi:


  1. Zach: t h a t i s n o t a p o t a t o Ghosty: that is too brown to be a potato I lost it at this moment 🤣

  2. Yes, i'm good at guessing flags, my secret and only talent

  3. Note to self: I’m not an artist when I draw from a phone.

  4. I lost it when Zach zoomed in on the chat window after everyone started typing my name for Flippy's "undo" drawing because I didn't notice it at the time.

  5. the fact that very few people know about ctrl + z saddens me

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