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The BEST Word List For Skribblio!

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  1. Smithy cannot draw bless him, I love him so.

  2. But they don’t know hat films refs……. see they don’t even remember how much they talked about the Human Centipede

  3. nice to see nolsey taking the time off of doing casheys to play some pictionary

  4. Smith: How did you get that?
    Trott: I drew it!

    Maybe not hit the bong right before these sessions.

  5. Smith is in danger of reaching critical salt levels.

  6. Trott is just fucking laughing all the time, making me laugh all the time

  7. how is smith getting pissed at skribblio lol

  8. Welp, thanks to Trott for rolling with it and trying to have fun, I guess.

  9. love smith being unable to draw after complaining others can't draw

  10. "If you can't draw, don't come on the show"
    Smith has been removed from the game

  11. smiff; *tilted casue people cant draw, tilted cause he cant guess, tilted that other people guess. tilted because HE cant draw.. lol

  12. Need a lot of pepper to match all this salt

  13. I'd just draw a soap, tbh.

    For Fight Club, but also in general. I like drawing soap.

  14. Petition to buy Smith a tablet to draw on.

  15. Me and my gf were really stoned watching this and I swear I had tears streaming down my face when “Postman Pat” came up after Smith guessed things like “prison poo”. Haven’t laughed that hard in a minute cheers boiks

  16. Haven't seen smith this genuinely salty in a while, hope he's alright lol

  17. This was honestly my favorite of the Skribblio games.

  18. The old, " if you cant draw it how i would, you cant draw, sore loser" smith card played again then…

  19. Trott laughing
    Smith: How did you get that Trott?
    More Trott laughter
    Smith: Trott, How did you get that?
    Trott: I DREW IT

  20. Actually not watching to the end cause smith being so salty just brings the mood down

  21. pretty sure pantsu is the anime word for girl pants or something i donno

  22. Idk if it's just me but when Smith's not in a great mode/salty, it takes so much of the fun out of the video. It reminds me of when you're out with a group of friends and one of them just doesn't want to be there – this one little voice that drains the atmosphere. I know this is going to be seen as a slight toward Smiffy. It's not meant to be, I love him and his salt, largely, provides the best entertainment. I also know that toward the end of a 2/3 hour stream, you're going to be knackered. And yes, he'd just heard about his bike. But imo just don't upload this kind of video next time. It's not that fun to sit through; videos where he kinda straddles the line between jokey pissed off and *obviously actually quite annoyed*. Like Trott, by comparison, just laughs it off which is great.

  23. Everybody commenting about how salty smith is in this episode but c'mon y'all, it's literally said in the video that his bike broke and one of his pipes was leaking onto his printer. I'd be pretty salty too!!

  24. Smith getting salty cause he sucks at guessing

  25. My favourite part about this game is Smith complaining that people don't know how to draw cause he can't guess for shit, and then draw arguably the worst drawing of the entire game.

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