The DELETED DRAWINGS You May Not Have Seen! ( Funny Moments) -

The DELETED DRAWINGS You May Not Have Seen! ( Funny Moments)

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These are all the drawings that never made the cut!

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Friends in the Video


  1. You have to blur out a non realistic looking dick but can say fuck multiple times? Wat

  2. Kryoz should've drew a picture of nogla and wrote the caption " Playing with Nogla " for punishment

  3. You can actually mainline cocaine. But it is even worse for the soul than snorting that nasty white pudding.

  4. how do you spell Robbie Rotten as Ronnie????

  5. I just learned that mt favorite childhood villan is dead im so sad.

  6. 2:50 was not expecting that when this was playing in the background

  7. Makes me happy to see even his Friends are giving him shit for playing so much fortnight

  8. Tyler is The only one Who cares about winning and thats annoying

  9. The one thing I hate about this game Is when they figure out what the word is nobody guesses it

  10. my favorite character from lazytown was the fat kid who ate candy all day:)

  11. 9:23 I laughed so hard the only thing that would have made that even funnier is if mini was there and you could hear him gasping for air in the background bc of how funny it was. 10/10 and it deserves a like

  12. I actually sang Barbra Ann in a school concert

  13. you guys say that nogla has like 2 brain cells but I like to think of it has he has all his brain cells but none of them work

  14. I even knew that crack can be used with a syringe in your arm and I'm 11

  15. I love how innocent Nogla doesn't know how crack works but the rest of these heathens know exactly how to do it…FOR SHAME!!!

  16. We shouldn't feel shitty for drawing Robbie Rotten. We should keep the legend alive, after all We Are Number One.

  17. They should all just release unedited versions of videos

  18. Robbie rotten aka we are number one guy, guy from lazy town etc. I miss him so much even though he died about 50 or so he was to famous. Idk what I'm talking about but I miss him

  19. 4:02 anybody else thinking basically should have just wrote "we are number one"? Cuz. Honestly that's the only place I knew the guy he drew, didn't even know he died tho and I feel a little bad but not my fault I just have my head stuck in games 24/7

  20. Rip Robbie Rotten…
    You’ll always be number one

  21. 0:59 Nogla’s quiet humming is my favourite part of this video. I just love it when he’s peaceful.

  22. Hol' up, I'll brb, gotta go inject some crack to prove y'all are wrong xD

  23. All Marcel had to do for Robbie Rotten was say
    He is Number One
    And everyone would've gotten it

  24. I lost brain cells when I saw "r o n n I e r o t t e n" multiple times in the chatbox

  25. Wildcat "you don't mainline crack"
    Me "tell that to the people in my hometown"

  26. Nogla: thinks you inject crack
    Me: this man be to pure 😂😂😂

  27. Rest in peace stefán karl stefánsson you were number one

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