The Demonetization Drawings + Ohm's AWFUL Photoshop = SKRIBBLIO FUNNY MOMENTS -

The Demonetization Drawings + Ohm’s AWFUL Photoshop = SKRIBBLIO FUNNY MOMENTS

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  1. when 407 was drawing fencing I remember when I drew it I drew actual fences instead of swords

  2. 15:42

    its ironic because my friend who i make videos with is called Clever XD i was in stitches when i heard jiggly said "clever can suck my c***"

  3. tf is 109 in celsius? oh nvm i googled it

  4. Basically needs to calm down go to therapy because he’s always so mad

  5. you know when it is jigglys chair…

    beacuse it jiggles too

  6. Telebathic: Using telekinetic powers to move water betwixt thine cheeks.

  7. damn marcel, it's just a game, CHILL!

  8. ice cream cone to a mutant, like all the food after the apocalypse

  9. best harry potter spell is "Fetus Deletus, Abortion Completis"

  10. my favorite Harry Potter spell is fetus deletus

  11. I've never watched Wildcat laugh so much without cussing someone out

  12. Dear Basically,

    Shut the fuck up and stop being a dick. Go back to fortnite

  13. Mini can afford a super car but can’t buy a half decent mouse

  14. I thought the airplane one that said "Virgin" was supposed to be Fortnite or something xD

  15. @6:06, I take a ‘fence’ to that, 😂😂😂

  16. I really wanted someone to guess KKK when marcel said “this is gonna look bad” in the last round lmfaooo

  17. I legit thought the aircraft one's answer was fortnite because it had virgin on the side.

  18. "Well give her some cleavage I want to see their titties baby" – Kryoz 2018 😂😂😂

  19. Ok jiggles worth. I gotta joke you'd most likely love, please read; What starts with an "M" and ends with "arriage" and is a mans favorite thing?

    Miscarriage. The joke never gets old, neither does the baby.

  20. 2:56 is when yo gurl has a miscarriage then you are happy but sorry for yo girl then happy again. 😂😂

  21. I'm bad to say this but in the first drawing I thought of biggy smalls shooting Tupac

  22. The Drawing of the Ferrari, THAT'S NOT A HORSE!

  23. I am in college, and yes, Panda is right. We cry a lot 😂

  24. 12:13 Why would you yell "got it!" that loud like you are actually the first to have guessed it when it is just written on the screen?

  25. When you did invisible you shouldve drawn everything in white because it'd be invisible

  26. My favourite thing about this series is that half of the thumbnails is John with his picture, showing it off proudly while the rest of the crew is confused, appalled, or disgusted.

  27. Daithi is like one of the main reasons I watch these, just the reaction from the rest is hilarious.

  28. "is that a child on the front?" obvisoulsy this particular comment didnt age too well

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