The Derp Crew FAILS Art School! ( -

The Derp Crew FAILS Art School! (

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We finally have the gang together for art class and let me tell you. It ain’t pretty!
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This game plays exactly how Pictionary or Draw My thing Plays. One person will get a word and start drawing a picture to best represent that word. The other players will attempt to guess what they are drawing. IT definitely helps if you have some sort of creativity…or functioning hands. OR KNOW WHAT A FACE LOOKS LIKE! We hope you enjoy!

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  1. "Easy peasy lemon squeezy, grip my nuts and make me easy" ~Chilled 2018

  2. You guys should totally take that bit with John going to jail to the next level. With the next skribble video, make it so each next word/drawing is the next scene in a story you take turns telling. I think thats already a boardgame…Anyway yeah, telling a crazy story one nonsensical scene at a time would make for some hilarious videos!

  3. I'm sad no one wrote Cuban Link for the gold chain one.

  4. Play again, but stop drawing whenever someone guesses it correctly.

  5. Easy PZ Lemon Squeezy Grip My Nuts and Please dont Squeezy.

  6. The editing in this video is ON POINT. Amazing job. I cracked up 6000 times

  7. I'm going to guess that by sheer dumb luck and a lot of freak accidents with the soap John would find himself the owner of many bitches in prison.

  8. i mean , if you graduated art school , you did better then hitler , just saying …

  9. cheesybluenips is pretty good at editing. nice job brother 😉

  10. 0:13 It probably has something to do with Yoshi betraying Mario's trust after Yoshi committed tax fraud.

  11. I love how many of these just used John as the template.

  12. Chilled your voice doesn’t match your face

  13. Aphex had the fill tool for the background, but failed to use it on the baseball, curious.

  14. The katana one was easy because I have one lmao

  15. Derp crew fails art school, should we warn Poland?

  16. That monk really looked like a mushroom for a while lol

  17. 'I've never seen Braveheart….' are you even human???????????

  18. Not the English flag. That’s the flag for the United Kingdom

  19. who would've guessed Smarty had such a criminal past

  20. Chilled u didn't even put the England flag in the video 😂 that was great Britain 🇬🇧 u wanted a red and white flag white background red cross

  21. That gru was so ugly and stupid looking I was trying so hard not to laugh to not wake up my baby.

  22. Is chilled acc Italian is it or it just a joke

  23. I swear to god I've seen this already.
    I've broken the simulation 😮

  24. English flag and British flag are completely different things

  25. I still can't believe you messed up my flag that badly lol

  26. Bgalm just affended me saying he does not know who William Wallace

  27. Why was there red on the face of William Wallace? If that had anything to do with England I’m not happy and may have to ban you from Scotland.
    Then he draws Scotland as part of England.
    Then he puts the British flag as the English flag.
    Oh my Anthony

  28. worried about offending the Chinese but screw canada. disliked

  29. The Union Jack isn't the English Flag, it's the whole United Kingdom. The English Flag is white with a red cross.

  30. Mr Nips's editing is continuing to improve. Great Job

  31. All the British comments about the flag hahaha xD think chilled needs a trip to our side of the water to gain some knowledge …. (secretly do a meet n greet also ??) 😉

  32. Was that a Scottish accent holy cow that was bad

  33. Finally a game in which Smart is not the worst of the group

  34. I’m a distant relative of William Wallace. My biological grandfather who passed before I was born was named Robert Wallace. Fun fact you probably didn’t need to know. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  35. I like the new editing style it's funny but maybe some sfx would be really funny

  36. I think this is definitive proof that Americans speak 0.7 languages

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