The Devolution of the Drawing Game + Canoes is Losing His Mind - SKRIBBLIO -

The Devolution of the Drawing Game + Canoes is Losing His Mind – SKRIBBLIO

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  1. When they drew the chrome symbol I honestly thought it was a chameleon

  2. "draw Brazil"

    Me as an actually Brazilian: \(°o°)/

  3. Whats funny is that my name is Ian and i illustrate for a liveing really love ur vids man keep em up

  4. im watching this video while my video is uploading its my 2hour stream i got an 1hour left till its uploaded lol

  5. You forgot to put him at the top of the decscription

  6. I feel oddly happy about the fact that I feel included due to my name having been said multiple times. I know it's nothing to do with me it's just the stick's name. But I wanted to share

  7. Jiggles has the best laugh out of any youtuber

  8. At 1:50 hey spells lightsaber as lightsabre are we not gonna talk about this

  9. Moo's confident yep right before Legpo was great

  10. I usually have night terrors or really bad dreams at night. So my favorite thing to do is wake up and watch your videos to get a good start to my day. Love you Jiggles keep up the Grade A content!

  11. My stomach jiggles with laughter

  12. Marcel: now draw brazil!!
    Thought ow that works perfect, America first, Brazil second.

  13. I know im a bit late but are we getting a Fourth of July vlog

  14. I both love and hate these videos. I love them cause they are so funny but I hate them cause just hearing "you think so differently" and such just brings back bad memories and reminds me of the several times I wanted to commit suicide. Anyone else get those from these videos?

  15. If you're an American going in the bathroom you're American going out to bathroom what are you in the bathroom. European

  16. This is the only time jiggly is not bad at a game play this more jiggly!

  17. My first thought for his word "second" was the 1st 2nd 3rd pedestals they have at competitions

  18. Thank you for giving awareness to the Ian collective. Us Ians find comedy very important for society, so you have chosen the best name for the comedian drawing.
    I am speaking for the Ian collective when I say you are 100% correct, we are comedians, it's in our nature.

    (This is a joke BTW)

  19. Kim Jong-On? That's sounds like the title of a bad porno film!

  20. Can we not have Politics in these videos? Like I love Jiggly but when they talk Politics its not fun. Like these Channels are where I get away from that stuff. I honestly hope they stop with Politics at some point.

  21. Anthony I got some bad news about Minecraft you must name your pandas with a name tag or they will despawn I recommend you keep 9 pandas the weak or snotty type the aggressive one the lazy one the normal one the worried one the playful one and the brown panda the very rare one go in creative and spawn one in.

  22. It’s funny how fourzer0 always calls Nogla a retard or idiot in other videos yet he can’t even figure out the easiest words with the simplest drawings. 😂

  23. how is AOL anything like chrome……it was a internet service provider then instant messager when dialup fell out

  24. 5:30
    No one :

    Literally not even a single soul :

    Evan: ….
    Evan : IM CANADIAN

  25. i made it into a Jiggly video!!!! they named the comedian after me!! xD

  26. why does he looks like he is crying

  27. BigJigglyPanda – 7:34
    Also BJP – Puts Vanoss at the bottom.

  28. I just love how anthony would just simply comment in the last second of an moment with a blunt insult into the point. 😂😂. Like is so unexpected

  29. I feel like the kid whose name is in the math question where I have 33 watermelons or something

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