The Difference Between 5'12" and 6'0"! - Skribblio with The Crew! -

The Difference Between 5’12” and 6’0″! – Skribblio with The Crew!

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  1. Im from Bosnia. its another scuffed country from the balkan lol but not as scuffed as Kosovo ;D

  2. I’m so glad I saved this video. I was hella stressed and pissed off but this video made me happy. Btw fellas, never get into an argument with a girl while her friends are around😂

  3. Side asking what country im from seem like he’s working with ice to track me down

  4. im from Latvia .. theese videos are my daily dose of laugh 😀

  5. I’m from England but I speak Italian and Portuguese

  6. I'm from portugal and i just wanna say, brazilian aint't a language

  7. From Poland. I've been waching you guys for ~ 10 years now.

  8. When g drew shadow i thought it was the little aisan boy from indiana jones

  9. Dude, my country got represented as a testicle😂 greetings from Portugal

  10. Luxembourg – A proud part of the shaft <3

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