The Most EMBARRASSING Drawing I've EVER Done! - Funny Moments -

The Most EMBARRASSING Drawing I’ve EVER Done! – Funny Moments

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  1. Some noglas scribbles aren't shown in his video

  2. Vanoss happy face counter next to homer counter

  3. Hitmonlee is my favorite pokemon so I got it instantly and was slightly annoyed when Brian tried to reinforce his drawing as "Hitmonchan" not to mention he didn't even give my boy his arms.

  4. hope your having a great night or day keep it up love your work

  5. These are all GEN 1 pokemon i mean jesus… everyone knows Gen 1 pokemon lol. I can understand not knowing any of the latest gens, but gen 1?… come on lol

  6. Either I in correctly remember or they misspelled gengar

  7. That horse made me choke on my mac n cheese. I wheezing from a combination of laughter and literally trying not to die for at least 5 minutes. Goddamn moo you're the real hitmanchan

  8. Not to be “that guy” but I’m actually getting really sick of the homers. It was SUPER funny at first but now it’s just very repetitive.

  9. For ditto you should have drawn the Hitmonlee with the ditto face

  10. That was Hitmonlee Brian drew, he also drew him wrong because Hitmonlee has arms.

  11. I blame Brian's GTA for Moo forgetting what a horse's head looks like.

  12. This is the funniest skribblio I ever watched

  13. Brian drew the wrong hitmon, disappointment at all time high

  14. I really appreciate the background music in moo's videos

  15. did evan just admit to fucking when he said “i provided the maple syrup”

  16. That turtle looks like something you find graffitied on a train car

  17. I'm getting use code moo tattooed on me next month 😂

  18. After that horse, whenever your daughter draws something, no matter how bad, it needs to go up on the fridge. There is NO way it can be worse than that horse HAHAHA

  19. Hey moo snuckel Mason Walsh here I am wondering what is your next live video will be for the day and time

  20. That Hitmonchan looks more like Hitmonlee.

  21. Brock you just should be ashamed of not knowing about Pokemons and of drawing just like straight garbage how can u mess up drawing a horse that bad

  22. Brian should never come up with the words again, ever.


  23. I'm an idiot, I was like "Why don't you count the Homers anymore?!" and then realized I was on Moo channel 😅

  24. 9:12 It’s just a drawing game, Moo. Haha but I bet Nogla annoying you definitely builds up this frustration

  25. Man if Bigjigglypanda was playing he'd win ever game

  26. Moo we a love u keep making funny jokes and good content because u r funnier than them combined and i lobe animals as much as u do and like to crack some good jokes too so we all love u moo ❤❤❤❤❤

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