THE POPCORN STRAT! - Skribblio with The Crew! -

THE POPCORN STRAT! – Skribblio with The Crew!

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  1. Could this be the origin of G18’s doobie smoking gangster???

  2. It’s so weird being recommended this video now and seeing you without a mullet

  3. I’ve actually done the popcorn strat and it worked

  4. I try to play this game but I always get kicked when I draw a giant penis

  5. IDK if you were just…. well being speedy. but that was a blunt my brotha..

  6. You can really feel the tension between Joel and Joel this episode

  7. You know speedy is from pa when he says uncomfy

  8. Love how randomly speedy shouts out southpark quotes

  9. The popcorn strat has made the play book for my next cinema visit

  10. Speedy pls make these videos longer than 10 minutes theyre some of my favorites

  11. Speedy's English: 4th grade level
    Speedy's Geography: Doctorate of Cartography

  12. there’s a narwhal in the Elf movie where he says “bye buddy hope you find your dad”

  13. i still can believe the seahawks threw the ball on the 2 yard line.

  14. I'm so glad that it was this man and his friends that corrupted my childhood.

  15. PAPA JOOOOOOEL! Good to see him play with the crew again.

  16. I feel like speedy knew the popcorn strat from personal experience.

  17. 6:50 when she tells you she's on her period but you still wanna smash

  18. All fun and games until you have a popcorn kernel cutting through your banjo string

  19. Who's this Nobody guy da fuq y'all are just adding guys with random names what's next a jahovas witness? Or even more random like BdoubleO100? Smh

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