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Welcome back to! I like to take volunteers for some drawings. So I can draw THEIR TRUE FORM. Enjoy the vid! 😀

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  1. Aaaaah early.

    23 seconds ago

    Up late no time to comment

  2. Damn last time I came this early my girlfriend broke up with me

  3. Chilled needs to stop eating so much fucking pasta.

  4. Can confirm that is what chilled looks like irl

  5. Who else have one add and no other recommendations?

  6. A few seconds inside the video and i think more and more about why Ze didnt become a artist

  7. The real Chilled Chaos please stand up. Please stand up.

  8. I'm just gonna say I absolutely love the editing xD

  9. defending the batman drawing. Red on dark black is usually seen on Batman Beyond. boom justified.

  10. Chilled Chaos Youtube is just a front for Rexxar. He's deluding your minds, making you trust him so he can piss on your sofas.

  11. jesus h christ. Make sure chilled buries this, never to see the light of day. He just did william wallace with an english accent………….Thats like giving winston churchill a german accent XD

  12. How to offend your Canadian viewership: call us 183

  13. thanks chilled for ranking the uk so highly, but wtf did you do to my flag?! D:

  14. Dear god chilled that's the worst drawing of my country's flag i've ever seen and i've seen some real bad drawings.

  15. Someone send Galm Braveheart. Or kidnap him and force him to watch it. 😂 I'm honestly surprised none of you can draw.

  16. "dude his eyes are white"
    Ahem… Can't it be Thomas Wayne's Batman… DO YOU EVEN BATMAN BRO?

  17. the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  18. Aphex is pretty good, now to see a Derp Crew game of Charades.

  19. Ze: It's a British guy!
    types Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Christopher Columbus. All of which aren't remotely British

  20. That seafood drawing was so bad, it got demonetized.

  21. As I am watching the pasta being drawn, I can smell some spaghetti bolognese being cooked in the kitchen. Nice coincidence.

  22. I almost pissed myself during your 'stomach' drawing and the banter. omfg it was great

  23. Aphex's lag literally had him drawing just brown for 70 seconds. I thought he was just colouring slow and being a dick.

  24. I got a 2-minute unskippable ad and then another 30 second unskippable ad in the middle of this video just a couple minutes later. Thanks youtube.

  25. okej, i know it was the wrong flag but thanks for drawing my country's flag anyway… 🙂

  26. wait so snorting crack from the ass is just sniffing the asscrack?!

  27. waiting for the day they realise that there's a fill tool

  28. The song chilled sang when he drew the box I swear was my highschools fight song 😂

  29. Nutella add. Right after they finish the nutella drawing? Too convienant

  30. I feel like galm actually hates smarty :/ real shame

  31. Hey Ze? you do know that if a word has 3 letters in it, quessing a 4 or 5 letter word is probably gonna be wrong right? xP lol

  32. Everyone wrote thier channel names, except for smarty. He misspelled his first name.

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