The Secret To EVERY Great Drawing (Skribblio) -

The Secret To EVERY Great Drawing (Skribblio)

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  1. I love this game so much, so excited to watch this! yes boys, quality lockdown content as per

  2. Smith: 'I didn't know they did nouns in this' –
    After they had already done Big Ben, Nasa and Sonic

  3. Shouts out to French trott who guessed baguette on the skunk question

  4. 9:21 Coffins have detachable lids and are shaped, whereas caskets have hinged lids and are rectangular.

  5. That bryn guy, he must've had some kind of problem with both his hands and his brain during this 👀

  6. This was one of the funniest gaming episodes I have seen in a while, keep it up! Also doing games where community is involved adda a lot to your content, I enjoy it

  7. When they sounding like Sips when they go high pitched…

  8. Trott help! I’m a struggling artist! Can i have a Wacom tablet?! 🙁

  9. 19:00 (nerd voice) "Well, ACTUALLY, while the moon does reflect the light of the sun, the sun's light is WHITE, so you're actually BOTH wrong."

  10. Would be great if we still had somewhere the full gods were uploaded

  11. Trott has the tablet yet his drawings are the worst.

  12. How might I participate it their streams like this?

  13. "I thought it was Slim Shady or something"

  14. the creator of the segway was Dean Kamen, and he's still alive.

  15. Trott got me dieing he said stick sticky! Word was glue! 😂😂😂🤣🤣👏 trott duty mine so wrong 😂🤣👏👏

  16. Kindergarten is an American Term?? It’s a
    German word, my dudes.

  17. Everything reflects the light from the Sun Smith…

  18. So remember guys, if you want Smith to see something on the reddit, make sure to put a big ol' swinging dick on it.

  19. i think i got every single one. i dont know how you cant get even the most easy ones. -_-

  20. In what world could you mix up Donald and Duffy Duck?^^

  21. guys, help, shouting the answer at the screen isnt helping

  22. Fucking hell boys? Coffin, Northern Lights? Fucking charities.

  23. "It doesn't make sense to me until you drew a penis". – Alex Smith 2020

  24. The inventor of the Segway didn't die, the guy who bought the company died.

  25. Sky must be afflicted with "the big dumb."

  26. Lol that Sky dude was so bad he wasn't even featured on the end scoreboard

  27. 2:10 Guy drew a lighthouse and then turnes it into a helter-skelter for no reason lol
    22:45 worried about this guy who has nipples on his lats

    Also 20% of your viewers are unsubscribed? Boio, 98% of mine are

  28. I can relate to overthinking what the word is. Was playing Trivial Pursuit once with a bunch of nerds and the clue was something transmitting disease and we are all like "virus? vector? phage?" and the answer was "Germ." And we were like "Germ? No one over 5 years old says "germ." Germ is like…Lysol disinfectant commercial! It may as well say "Kooties!"

  29. "Pre toast penis" Like what I give my wife of a morning.
    LOL. She's not interested.

  30. So fun fact, the inventor of the Segway is still very much alive and well.
    Another fun fact, the Segway was first unveiled on my first birthday. I'm sure no one gives a flying fuck but it's cool to me goddammit

  31. What is Ross hiding under that blanket? Lavish dungeon sex toys no doubt

  32. Did they just call the clearly german word Kindergarten, American?

  33. Everything reflects the light of the sun, does that mean everything is sun colored?

  34. I'm pretty sure Harry Potter and the pile of fruit would be what the books would be now if Rowling had her way

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