The Sheer Artistry...Of Homer ( -

The Sheer Artistry…Of Homer (

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I play some with some buds and they show me the ways of being a true artist…and how the most true way to express ones self and intent…is through drawing Homer. Enjoy! ;D


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  1. Don't forget to fasten your Belt Seat

  2. Can you defeat her though? The real question.

  3. Oh my god I can't escape homer scribblio even here

  4. Max finally plays with Wildcat, Scotty, and Anthony

  5. Oh no the Homer virus is spreading everywhere

  6. Saw this & thought…
    …SOMEONE watches Vanossgaming 😀

  7. Recently came back watching good'ol gassyfam, realised how i have actually missed his vids.

  8. Love when you collab with them max…this was hysterical..thanks for the laughs

  9. I saw homer and I knew IMMEDIATELY who he was playing with lmao

  10. I'm sick at the moment and once I saw the picasso homer I died, it hurts when I laugh so hard

  11. Damn that demon chick needs to go to the bathroom or sumthin she just won't stop moving

  12. it might just be me but does gassy seem a bit out of his comfort zone playing with these guys?
    you have nothing to worry they are the biggest retards in the planet and you'll learn to love that they dont give a shit

    my bad if im reading into something that isnt there

  13. Does anyone know why Gassy never plays with Vanoss but does play with Vanoss' crew?

  14. The last one was "don't talk to me or my son ever again"

  15. Did you get paid for that 12 minute RuneScape add?

  16. Their Homers remind me of the Homer from the Game Grumps episode.

  17. IMPATIENTLY awaiting the sequel to this. Literally my favorite youtuber gassy, keep the videos coming.

  18. I miss the old skool prop hunt videos with you guys

  19. This is very interesting, I used to watch a pretty large amount of gassy’s videos back in the day and now to just see the strange sub count to view count difference is crazy. I don’t know if there has always been such a difference but I’m just now noticing it

  20. Did you know Days Gone is available April 26th?

  21. Dang Gassy, you couldn't draw Chuck some nun chucks?

  22. If we work in those homer drawings, you'll be awesome in no time.
    GG fellas.

  23. Crimson Chin looks like a perfect Thanos Homer

  24. LOL Anthony's laugh at 0:43 sounded like Woody The Woodpecker

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