The UGLIEST Dog In The World! - Funny Moments and Fails -

The UGLIEST Dog In The World! – Funny Moments and Fails

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  1. First Wildcat draw butt cheeks… Now Moo… I MUST FULFILL MY DESTINY!!!

  2. 0:18. The Ohm laugh. We hear it scattered throughout everyone's video. Kills me ever time.

  3. I didnt notice this is over 20 minutes and know that i know i dont care

  4. if yall were smart, u would of right clicked and spell checked it

  5. There's something to be said about how, every single time "butt cheeks" comes up, they all have the exact same reaction.

    Draws said ass cheeks
    Other people guess it
    "What?! That's a word!?"

  6. Anyone else notice Vanoss's name was VANISS? And when Vanoss said "Oh fairytail fairy" I got so proud

  7. Ohm had the perfect soundboard and Terroriser missed it😂

  8. Yo-yop word make me laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Poor Moo. Such a nice guy that he stammers when someone accuses him of being mean.

  10. Is it just me or when vanoss said "let it sink in" did anyone else think it was the Titanic? No, just me.

  11. (Looks at the title)
    Me: "Well obviously it's going to be drawn by either Nogla or Ohmwrec-
    20:53 – Whoa! Plot twist!

  12. What's great with Moo's game footage is that most of it is uncut.

  13. 2:02: Would they prefer he'd drawn arrows pointing to all of their faces?

  14. Brock has stolen vanoss’s intro and nogla’s outro lmao

  15. Nogla is sooo annoying. Make a wish needs to let Nogla go haha.

  16. For Rose, I would have drawn Amy from Sonic the Hedgehog because her full name is Amy Rose.

  17. Garfield doesn't eat spaghetti, its lasagna

  18. I got a good one. Instead of hummingbird, it's humpingbird.

  19. No dog is ugly. They all deserve to be described as beautiful

  20. Me sees Thumbnail: "That's not the ugliest dog, that is the cutest doggo I've ever seen

  21. Draws a Gibson headstock, gives it a Stratocaster body.

  22. 16:18 “it’s Howard stern wearing a hat” as a Howard stern fan, I approve.

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