The Ultimate Homer Skribblio Compilation (VanossGaming Compilation) -

The Ultimate Homer Skribblio Compilation (VanossGaming Compilation)

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  1. I’ve drawn a lot of these kinds of homers at my high school and it was worth it

  2. 20:47 the funniest way to describe something is to pull out the big words most people in your group don't know

  3. Vanoss homer Simpsons would be the perfect nextbot

  4. Thanks vanoss this is how I draw Homer now. The homer drawings are beautiful

  5. Love terroriser almost always knowing it first

  6. I like how ever tho it’s a compilation about them drawing homers I still end up surprised sometimes when they draw him

  7. The ring tone for the homer cell phone is DOE!:0

  8. Vanoss's Homer drawings break the barrier of stupid so far that they wrap back around into beyond genius

  9. Vanoss's editor NEEDS to become aware of the clip of Bugs Bunny saying "WHAM! A HOMER!" Referring to hitting home runs in the episode "Baseball Bugs"

  10. The amount of Homer drawn is unbelieveable 😂💀

  11. my legs hurt so bad im laughing way to hard

  12. i love how Vanoss is always last in these videos and yet he still manages to stump everyone

  13. I love how no matter how abstract it is you can always tell it's homer

  14. Bruh these dumbasses make dark fuckin jokes every day, but as soon as Vanoss draws Homer as Jesus, they get all sensitive and uncomfortable. Religion is a weird weird fuckin thing

  15. 4:23

  16. it bothers me that the Homer counter isn't in order, should've started from the very first Homer and gone from there instead of starting the counter at 51 for some reason

  17. 16:12
    Moo: "They're normally in your garden."
    Nogla: "Oh….Keemstar!"

    Nogla….why is Keemstar in your garden?

  18. Ive never seen more cursed homers than the ones nogla drawn x.x

  19. You forgot to add Ohms Homer drawings the so called ohmer

  20. Drinking game: Take a shot every time someone draws Homer

  21. Best part of drawing Homers is Jiggly's reactions

  22. If Vanoss draws homer the word is definitely not homer

  23. For the "Jesus Christ" one, he should have just drawn so poorly that they said the phrase, then been like "Yep"

  24. Evan's high school notebook is likely filled with Homers and Peter Griffins

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