The WORST FFXIV art you've ever seen ( Edition) -

The WORST FFXIV art you’ve ever seen ( Edition)

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I can’t speel

My discord and friends play, hilarity ensues. Also, I’m pretty sure some of these cursed images are actually my sleep paralysis demons.

Btw I’m taking art commissions UwU for a low low price of 69 Namazucoin! if you like what you see here, come serve the namazu empire over on our discord, Yes Yes.

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  1. Any chance we can get the word list to try it ourselves with our friends? Sounds hilarious honestly

  2. Bruh I will report you for posting my sin drawings. Now it's my time to swing the ban hammer HAH HAH >:D

  3. Saw this in my recommended a minute after you posted this and it was a needed smile. Thanks.

  4. Half baked drawing of Limsa, missed all the half naked catgilrs/hrothgars dancing Bees Knees. 5/10.

  5. You completely forgot my excellent map of the world with all the trees for Gridania.

  6. I don't understand what happened with Haurchefant, that spelling is correct??

  7. why is zenos wearing a dress?! freakin roth corrupting our youth!

  8. Stack Marker

    Half the fan base: Hmm I have never seen this before

    The other half: casually prepares Rescue and Cover

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