The WORST FFXIV art you've ever seen ( Edition) -

The WORST FFXIV art you’ve ever seen ( Edition)

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I can’t speel

My discord and friends play, hilarity ensues. Also, I’m pretty sure some of these cursed images are actually my sleep paralysis demons.

Btw I’m taking art commissions UwU for a low low price of 69 Namazucoin! if you like what you see here, come serve the namazu empire over on our discord, Yes Yes.

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  1. Bruh I will report you for posting my sin drawings. Now it's my time to swing the ban hammer HAH HAH >:D

  2. Saw this in my recommended a minute after you posted this and it was a needed smile. Thanks.

  3. Half baked drawing of Limsa, missed all the half naked catgilrs/hrothgars dancing Bees Knees. 5/10.

  4. You completely forgot my excellent map of the world with all the trees for Gridania.

  5. I don't understand what happened with Haurchefant, that spelling is correct??

  6. Any chance we can get the word list to try it ourselves with our friends? Sounds hilarious honestly

  7. why is zenos wearing a dress?! freakin roth corrupting our youth!

  8. Stack Marker

    Half the fan base: Hmm I have never seen this before

    The other half: casually prepares Rescue and Cover

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