The WORST Pokémon Artists | Pokémon -

The WORST Pokémon Artists | Pokémon

Pokémon Champion League
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5 Pokemon Champions being really bad a drawing Pokemon.

The Champions
► @LumioseTrainerZac
► @ThePokeRaf
► @JPRPokeTrainer98
► @InfamousTrainer
► @HybridHero


Champion League ►

Lumiose Trainer Zac ►
ThePokeRaf ►
JPRPokeTrainer98 ►
InfamousTrainer ►
HybridHero ►



  1. I call myself King Lizardon and I can’t even draw Charmeleon fml x

  2. Now this is going to be chaotic 0-0

  3. Loved this! Can't wait for more content!

  4. Could u guys do more tier lists? I loved the hisuian one and I would love to see a fossil one, since kabutops is my all time favorite Pokémon and I'd like your guys opinions on it

  5. You can do something next like- One person describes a pokemon in 10 words or less and you guys guess which pokemon it is.

  6. Cursed Marshtomp

    Pretty much sums up everything

  7. I’m dead. Y’all, this was peak content

  8. Hybrid's drawings were so good that he puts Picasso to shame.

  9. When the Fakemon Artist is having the hardest time drawing things LMAO

  10. You should make a podcast ranking the gym leaders of every region.

  11. sheesh my sides hurt from laughing so hard (looking psyduck’s butter knife beak and then an even WORSE additional drawing) 😂

  12. This is hilarious, I could watch this for hours

  13. Poor Infamous he got left behind 🙁
    and Zac is the MASTER of all.

  14. This did not feel like 42 minutes but I loved it

  15. The grumpig low key started to look like primeape

  16. This is the funniest Pokémon content I’ve watched in a while

  17. The zapodos killed me and pls make more I had such a good time watching this

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