The WORST drawing I've seen... 😳 -

The WORST drawing I’ve seen… 😳

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I tried guessing drawings on… Let’s see how this turns out.


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  1. Nice Wii music… (i am the perfect age to remember 😉)

  2. Notn compared to hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

  3. its better than my drawings, and they only get like 2 minutes to draw 😭

  4. It's concerning that "Wonderland" was my fist and only guess-

  5. Clearly he’s never seen my drawing skills

  6. Whhhhhhhy that look like he was hanging someone😶

  7. I knew it was minecraft from the start i saw the tree lol

    Edit: it wasnt minecraft 🙁

  8. Pretty sure he draws someone hanging from the tree but I might just be dark

  9. I would have just drawn a person imagining a land scape

  10. I love how someones name is weazle 69

  11. And if was hard to draw why he choose it

  12. Nah with the purple sky it was definitely jojo

  13. i guessed it i promise i said wonderland the moment 'L' shows up

  14. The first part I thought, “Barney, is that you?”

  15. I thought it was pronounced scribble – eye – oh

  16. Me: Sirenhead just look at the structrue
    Game you failed at life

  17. Thats not a wonderland. Thats straight up a gateway to hell

  18. Alice kind or i am the wonder in wonderland kind?

  19. Can someone give me the link to the game that he's playing

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